BRA may not be so bad after all, Walsh says

Remember when Marty Walsh said he'd tear apart and replace the BRA? Yeah, well, about that ...



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Didn't he point to this as a difference between him and Connolly? That JC didn't want to eliminate the BRA and he did? I guess campaign "promises" mean as much to Walsh as they do to most politicians.


Later next year?

He said this wasn't an immediate priority - and I can buy that. The man does have a fair amount on his plate so even though I didn't vote for him I'm willing to give him a bit of time. But if a year goes by and we don't see major changes in the works to the BRA and BPS - a whole lot of us are going to lose patience.

For one thing - enough with the 121A, tax break crap especially for anything that is either twice the height of prevailing zoning or east of Mass Ave.



I am willing to wait and see what he intends to do after getting in office. I agree with the posts that say that for too long the BRA has been too cozy with out of town developers. It seems to ignore the hoi poloi in favor of the well heeled. The same can be said of the Zoning Board too. He in reality can't go back and stop or try and change projects that have been approved. What he can do is overhaul an agency that has ignored the citizens of Boston. If he fails to do this, he will loose my vote.


Marty Walsh and BRA

I am glad you included the Zoning Board in your comments. They, too, are tone deaf to the community. Members are from the building trades, real estate and corporate types.


In the abstract I'd prefer an honest politician to the regular kind, but the Globe article says, "[Walsh] acknowledged Thursday that the proposal rankled many developers and business leaders." I suppose it's better to listen to your constituents' actual needs rather than blindly stick to ill-advised promises.

It is a betrayal of everyone who voted for Walsh, but I didn't, so it's not really any skin off my nose.



This was actually the main thing that worried me the most about him - but good that he's come around - now he just needs to get a little more pragmatic about city hall.

I work in the building industry, and while I do think the BRA could use some reform, I know the people most clamoring for eliminating the agency are by far the most shady/cheap developers who really just want to subvert the review process. My dealings with them have been generally positive. I just wish that there was something to prevent developers from drastically redesigning/cheapening projects after ISD review - this is why projects tend to look mediocre around here.


Marty Walsh & promises

Marty Walsh was too quick to promise the world to everyone just to get elected. I don't believe he t6ought things through. H^e said yes to everyone and made promises he will not keep.