Brattle Theatre tries online fundraising for renovations

The Harvard Square institution has turned to Kickstarter to try to raise the $140,000 it says it needs to install digital projectors and fix a creaky heating and air-conditioning system.

We will still show 35mm as much as possible, but as much as we like showing this format, many of the new films and restorations of classic films are only being provided in digital format now. So DCP is a necessary addition. But it'll cost us $90k to do it right.

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    Hmmmm....let's see

    My Dad taking us to see W.C. Fields and Marx Brothers movies there when we were kids. Probably the greatest date of my life when I surprised my girlfriend at the time with a screening of "West Side Story", her favorite movie, with a Q&A with Robert Wise, the film's director.

    Then there's film noir Mondays. It's also the place where I saw all of the HK films of Jackie Chan and John Woo before they hit video. I met Sam Fuller there after a screening of "White Dog". And finally, seeing "Inland Empire" introduced by David Lynch accompanied by a young girl playing the violin.

    Anyone else need a reason to donate?

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    If Amanda Palmer

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    Can raise hundreds of thousands for her new album, I'm willing to bet the Brattle Theatre can generate some funds!

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    Salem Cinema just

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    Salem Cinema just successfully did this in the fall, a lot of community support and it took them over the amount they actually needed. Now they are using the funds to improve seating, lighting etc. Good luck!

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