BREAKING: Aaron Hernandez has been arrested

Aaron Hernandez has been taking into custody in connection with the homicide of associate Odin Lloyd of Dorchester.

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Hey, Dougie!

Here's an idea! Why don't you grab the wife and kids and head down to the courthouse with a few signs? There's no such thing as bad publicity! Just think, you may get to show the entire world what an idiot you are!

Breaking sign news

I now am aware of 2 Bennett for Sheriff signs on Dot Ave from Fields Corner to Columbia Rd. Lovely green color. Up from 1 sign a week ago. When will Doug go all Cape Cod on us and stand at the corner of Dot Ave and Columbia Rd with a huge sign? Please Doug, as a man of the people, don't disappoint.


OK, BREAKING, I see that the Globe updated the story. But if you're going to shout "BREAKING" in your blog, you ought to be the one providing some updates. It's been 12 hours since your OP, yet we see nada.

Suddenly, I almost miss your weird campaign posts. For that oh-so-important election. That's more than a year away.