Bridge confusion in Boston

Not the Tobin Bridge.

Pete Leslie wonders if we need some sort of education program for photographers who are increasingly likely to get our two iconic bridges mixed up.



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Zakim Bridge routes. Leverett Connector routes.

a) Going out of Boston, for what Massachusetts destinations do you take the Zakim Bridge?... and b) for what Massachusetts destinations do you take the Leverett Connector?... c) For some Massachusetts destinations from Boston do both of them work? d) Where around the web are there good maps that make more clear, differentiate well the Zakim Bridge routings vs. the Leverett Connector routings?

Leverett vs. 93

If you're heading north from Storrow Drive (Memorial Drive, too, I think), you get put on the connector and get onto 93 north of the Zakim. If you're heading north from the Expressway, you get the Zakim.

Same works in reverse for people heading south.

As I posted the last time you

As I posted the last time you asked this question, if you're headed north out of Boston, there's no place where you'd have to choose the Zakim versus the Leverett Connector.

You end up on one or the other depending where you're coming *from*.

If you're coming from Storrow/Leverett Circle, you end up on the Leverett Connector if you follow signs to 93/1 North. If you're already on 93 North (in the tunnel), or are coming from the waterfront area, you end up on the Zakim.

They both lead to the same places (93 North or the Tobin/1 North), except that you can't get to the Sullivan exit off 93 from the Leverett Connector.

Look it up

They're the same exits, except you can't take the route 99 exit from the Leverett. Then again, if you're trying to get to 99 from the Leverett Connector, you're lost anyways.