Bright lights of the big city

Mattapan Square all lit up

One of the more dramatic approaches into Boston is up Blue Hill Avenue or Blue Hills Parkway in Milton at night. You're driving in a somnolent, darkened suburb when you approach the Neponset River, you look up and boom, there's Mattapan Square and it's like looking into China from North Korea: A city where electricity is plentiful and everything is lit up.



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When I was living in Boston

When I was living in Boston (South End) and couldn't sleep at night, I'd take out a ZipCar and put on NPR, and drive this exact same route. I remember how cool it was to be driving through these darkened suburbs and once you're in Mattapan it's like you're immediately transported to urban life. Very cool! Here in NYC, even the suburbs are urban. There's no easy way to escape the urban jungle here.

Milton = North Korea as Mattapan = China. Stopppp it!

I always did well on analogies, SATS, topped the police exam, LSATS etc. So due to crime-driven street lighting, Mattapan (China) is plentiful and Milton (North Korea), with less street lighting, is apparently oppressed? Is the post tongue-in-cheek or have you lost me? I believe both Boston and Milton are supplied by N-Star and it's supply and demand. In other words, Mattapan is well known to have a serious crime problem, no relief after 20 years of Menino, and needs (demands) more lights than relatively peaceful Milton. I thought the full moon was last week, no?

I don't think Adam's saying

I don't think Adam's saying anything but what he said, but it's worth pointing out that Milton is not part of Boston...and that Boston could *really* use some light pollution laws. This incredibly over lit square pollutes the night sky and, as you say, hasn't appeared to cut down on crime.

You're reading way too much into the analogy

I wasn't trying to make any subtle comments at all and was being literal. Maybe it wasn't a good analogy, but there are places along the Yalu River where North Koreans in the near pitch black can look across to some brightly lit Chinese city. That's all, no politics, no comments on Menino or Milton, just an interesting view, and one that's pretty striking.

Heh,except ...

There's that pesky demilitarized zone, so it's unlikely any North Koreans will get to gaze into Seoul, short of making a successful escape. Here's a video from Dandong, a Chinese city across the Yalu from North Korea:

Milton vs Mattapan

Its even better in the daytime with Milton having border guards otherwise known as school crossing guards at every intersection along with Milton and MSP with checkpoints that resemble the DMZ. Every week there are protestors with signs against violence in Afghanistan but never are there any protestors with signs against violence in Mattapan.