Brighton apartment building can't keep its retainer

The Boston Fire Department reports the front retaining wall and stairway at 15 Bellvista Rd. partially collapsed shortly after 9 p.m. on Monday, forcing 13 residents to find alternative places to stay for the night.




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      Unique street full of architectural oddities

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      Those manor looking buildings were designed by Longfellow's nephew. The Longfellow family still owned them until the 1950s. The interiors have ornate Roman friezes and fireplaces in the entry halls of each unit.

      The street is so stranger to partial building collapses. One of decorative towers on one of the pair of stucco buildings framing the intersection collapsed a few decades ago.

      Sad how neglect from landlords slowly destroys the beauty of our built environment.

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      Wow--thanks for that

      Wow--thanks for that interesting history!

      The only comment that I'm able to add is that the street name reminds me of Del Boca Vista from Seinfeld.

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      not the landlords fault this time

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      In this case the landlord is not at fault. Since the building consists of 6 condominiums there is no "neglectful landlord" that owns the building but instead neglectful individual owners Five out pf the six units are owner occupied so you could blame everything on the one "landlord" in the building. It sounds like the cool thing to do

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      The blame in this case in on

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      The blame in this case in on the landlordS since as a group they neglected their property.

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      The builder of all these blds

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      The builder of all these blds and all on Comm [email protected]#3 chimney you see an "L" for Longfellow.Richard Wadsworth Longfellow built these lovely unique properties.His son richard Wadsworth Longfellow IIi ? builder or dad? had car shop where shaw's is on comm Ave! He died in an auto crash at 34 yrs age.His mom and son lived at 15 bellvista Rd.Dad was a cousin of poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.Longfellow manor also is on corner comm Ave and summit ave.

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