Brookline to consider extra fines on public cursing as way to crack down on goddamn frickin' college students

Hell, no! Some people in North Brookline want Town Meeting to double fines for creating a public nuisance because those PoS students just can't shut up at 2 in the morning.

Specifically, he said people coming from the Commonwealth Avenue area back into the town seem to be causing the most ruckus.



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    I live

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    between Commonwealth Avenue and the Brookline border. They walk past my building, too. I haven't had more than a passing problem with it. (ie: 10 seconds.)

    I don't get why everyone in Brookline chooses to live in a densely populated area, yet is chronically offended by any evidence that they live cheek-by-jowl with other people.

    I know why

    Because a lot of them practice a religion that tells them that God chose their ancestors above other people. Perhaps they carry that into everyday life. Blind Bible obedience is not the exclusive province of Christians.

    Really, Will?

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    Pictured you as a lot of things, but not as an anti-Semite.

    I'm not an anti-Semite

    I'm anti-arrogant NIMBY prick. I wouldn't post anti-Semitism on a site run by a Jewish guy.

    Judaism teaches us many good lessons about how to live well. I feel like the whole "chosen people" aspect, however, is a sentiment best ignored.

    Hat trick!

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    Will, not only are you an anti-Semite, you're arrogant and a prick. And no, it's not cute.


    Will, your postings have certainly been getting more ornery over the past few months, but really? You're going full-on anti-Semitic now?

    Yeah, it does

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    It's also got to be the most absurd anti-Semitic argument I've heard in awhile, but whatever.

    The last word

    I love Jewish people. I don't agree with everything that the Jewish religion teaches. Done with further comment on this.


    And "I have a lot of Jewish friends, so it's cool if I make these comments" is a great defense.

    Sorry, but I'm glad you were called out on this, no matter how you feel about it. Clearly I'm not the only one who was surprised and offended.

    I not taking sides

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    Nor am I referring to the above discussion directly. But this site is full of hypersensitive individuals. If anyone makes a statement that is not generally agreed upon on UHub they are bombarded.

    Japanese culture values Honor and has taught it citizens for centuries to believe they are a destined race. So if I said "Japanese people think their better than other races" is not anti-Japanese its' ignorance. Yes they have taught this any many may very well believe this, but for me to make a general statement speaking about "All Japanese" people it’s an example or ignorance not racism.

    P.S. How come not this much backlash when people where making similar comments a few days ago in regards to St. Patrick’s Day and drunks. That was equally racist by this sites definition. MMMmmmm RACIST!

    Trolling for dollars!

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    is not anti-Japanese its' ignorance.

    However, when somebody points out to you why it's anti-Japanese, it's no longer ignorance, it's bigotry.

    I suppose one could grant that small favor to Will, but if nothing else, he's a man of deep convictions, and he's convinced himself that Jews hate college students and nothing anybody here says will convince him otherwise, even if we actually took the time to make such arguments, so, yeah, his statement is anti-Semitic.

    As for hating all Irish, really, we were pummeling the Irish the other day? And not just people who go to the parade and leave the Downtown Crossing T stop littered with crushed Bud Light cans and vomit on their way to Broadway?


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    a great rationalization, you are ONLY making fun of a FEW right! Their are plenty of Jewish kids in College, so yes Will is an idiot! But you above comment is equally as stupid as Will trying to defend his point by saying "I have Jewish friend".

    I'm just simply saying people on UHub are very sensitive, especially when it come to Bike Lanes!

    Yeah, Jews hate bike lanes, too

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    I have it on good authority.

    Not sure where you're coming from, but the old "some of my best friends are [Jewish/black/whatever]" trope is pretty tired at this point.

    CTRL + F

    Show me where I said "I have Jewish friends." For the record, I do. But I didn't use it as currency here.

    Ecumenical Service

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    We are going to have an ecumenical service in Allston Brighton, where representatives of all faiths will proclaim their dislike for BU students.

    Ha ha ha!

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    You're not being very smart, Will, plus you're being downright offensive, to boot. You just put your foot in your mouth...big time. Don't try to deny it.

    So then

    why limit your comment to just Judaism?

    Here's an extension of your logic:
    Jews tend to work in the finance world, so they need to get up early, so they don't like college kids being loud.

    Making broad generalizations of an entire ethnic, religious, national, etc group, based on your perceptions equals bigotry. Just because you're not saying they should be chased out of town doesn't make it less ugly.

    The college was there first

    That's the side I'm on here. It's like these people who move into Fenway, then bitch about it being loud at 10:30. Park's been there since 1912, you tool.

    The College was there first arguement doesn't work.

    Boston University founded in 1839

    Brookline founded in 1705

    Brookline residents currently dealing with noise living there since 1930-2012

    Current Boston University students there since 2009

    Disorderly Conduct statute law passed in 1774

    Laws are laws aren't they?

    Fair enough

    If you were living in Brookline in 1938, you have a leg to stand on. Otherwise, GFY.

    So why bring religion into it?

    If it's not a religious thing for you to agree with the post that went something like "Brookline residents suck for thinking they could get away with suburban tranquility in an urban setting," why did you specifically comment that it's because they are Jewish?

    And then wonder why people would be upset?

    No, I see

    you just didn't show your work, is all.

    You went out loud from Brookline to Jewish cultural/religious beliefs without connecting the dots, which we all assume you can with certitude - so, something like: Brookline (which is only a third Jewish, but provably, only Brookline's Jews hate noise) is fussing about loud kids because of a 'chosen people' belief (which the complainers have openly stated, or shown irrefutably by their actions).

    But I'm with you, it's like how Italians (who seem to be a majority of the North End residents, though I don't really have the data) complain about obnoxious college kids (because Italians drink a lot of vino, I mean a wicked lot, are you kiddin? get outta here! and pass out early and then get woken up by the noise before they can go to their papish Whore of Babylon church early in the morning and beat their breasts hypocritically). Just gotta make the case, is all. Eager to hear it.

    Yes it does.

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    What you said was antisemitic. It doesn't matter that you didn't WANT it to be antisemitic, and it doesn't matter that YOU don't want to BE antisemitic. What you said was completely incontrovertibly antisemitic.

    Is that what that means

    I've been wondering what 'the chosen people' meant, but now I know.

    Chosen to live in an urban area but not be bothered by drunks late at night, because they're special.

    That's got to be it. Six thousand years of complaining about the neighbors, especially pissed off they can't twitch the curtains on Friday night. Explains it all. Thanks for the explanation, Tulip.

    Yet more evidence that Boston

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    Yet more evidence that Boston and immediate environs (to anyone visiting, Brookline is part of Boston) is nothing more than a town pretending to be a city. WTF is the deal with all these urban dwellers stuck with a '50s' suburban mentality? They are rampant in my Roxbury neighborhood and I really, really wish they would just move to the stridently wasteful, dull, quiet, inefficient suburbs where they would obviously much rather prefer to be.


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    Aren't you the sophisticated one. I've lived in big cities all my life. I've lived in other parts of the U.S. and continental Europe. Trust me, NIMBYism is rampant everywhere. It's not unique to Boston. You think people here are bad, you should see how NYers piss and moan.

    I've got an idea

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    How about just turning over large sections of Brookline, Brighton/Allston, Cambridge and Somerville to some sort of consortium of area schools for them to operate? They can have their own municipal police force, fire department, town/city hall, etc., You could even turn them into gated communities, to protect the swearing and rude students from being assaulted by our real urban thugs. We can extrapolate to include certain MBTA lines and bus routes.

    While I get the satirical

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    While I get the satirical argument, it would be nice if some of these college kids made an actual effort to behave like human beings sometimes.

    It's funny, I had something

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    It's funny, I had something like that there, but then it kept coming off as whiny - thank you for doing so without sounding that way!

    For the record

    I know that not all late-teen and early-20-somethings were raised to be narcissistic gits ... but the ones who are assertively assholishly antisocial (such as walking around screaming at 2am) generally were.


    Define curse words.

    Do they have to be in English to count? You can say some pretty nasty things in just about any language without using "curse words" per se.

    When I first read the

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    When I first read the headline, I thought "just more annoying Brookline people", probably the same ones who wanted to town to deal with the coyote on Corey Hill last year.

    But then I read the article, and I realized the guy proposing the rule change (Spiegel) is being totally rational. He admits 1) that it will be hard to enforce this and 2) he wants to change it from a misdemeanor to a ticket so you don't get a criminal record. This guy has a grievance, and he's trying to do something about it in a level-headed way, instead of just complaining. I lived in Brookline for 7 years, have had my share of loud college kids walking past at 3 a.m., and it *is* supper annoying. I feel this guy's pain. People pick Brookline for the peace and quiet.

    Here's what the warrant

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    Here's what the warrant actually says (item 14) :

    - It adds "disturbs the peace and quiet enjoyment of any residential premises" to the definition of a disorderly person.

    - It corrects the spelling of "offensively course utterance" to "offensively coarse utterance".

    - It increases the fine from $50 to $100.

    - It makes it a noncriminal disposition.

    In other words, the swearing part is nothing new. And while swearing is included, most of the law focuses on noise and bothering other people.

    Not just cursing, per se...

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    An offensively coarse utterance would be something like screaming "go fuck yourself." It wouldn't apply just to saying, "fuck, I can't find my keys." It's less the words chosen and more the level of offense that your typical person would take at what has been said.

    Well at least we know the fear of rampant mugging has subsided

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    Why else would the folks up in that part of town want to dedicate police resources to shushing BU kids? (Better idea - force BU into using its police to do that.) I, for one, am relieved. I guess a couple of arrests really do go a long way toward restoring "normalcy".

    On another note, watching the assault and counter-assault involving Will is really something. I am surprised only that the term "Brookstein" has not made an appearance, and that the percentage of the student body at BU that is Jewish has not come up. I think those two things would nicely round out the "discussion" (in a you've-got-to-be-sh$%ing-me kind of way).