Brookline to Dennis Lehane: Sorry about the dog, but enough with the posters already

Lehane fans searching for his missing beagle say the town wants them to start taking down the hundreds of flyers they've put up with her picture, Wicked Local Brookline reports.



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    This dog is gone.

    And it is sad, but these posters are everywhere areound the Comm Ave. are in Brookline, Allston, Brighton. It simply too much. I'm sure Lehane would feel the same way. After all, he did move from his nice West Roxbury adobe ("Boston") to that bastardized town next door. I'm not sure he wants his fans to berate his new hometown!

    Stop damaging our trees!

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    They stapled flyers into all the street trees along Beacon Street! Some of those trees are more than 100 years old. If every lost dog over that time period required staples, there'd be no tree bark left! Better yet, it was a NH company listed on the flyers. If they lived in the neighborhood, they would understand how important trees are to Brookline. Good luck with your search. Use tape like everyone else.

    West Roxbury [Cop land] is too gauche

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    for a big time author like Lehane. Appearances are very important. And no, West Roxbury on the Brookline line doesn't cut it.

    on the Brookline line?

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    Lehane's West Roxbury house wasn't near the Brookline town line, it was on Temple St (address might have been a cross street)a few blocks from Centre St.

    How long?

    Well, how long have the fliers been up that there's an uproar? 2 weeks or 2 months?

    This is a city - lost pets are usually found and/or turned into animal control/rescue pretty quick. Of course the dog had a collar with owners phone number on it and a RDIF chip embedded...

    flyers in Brookline

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    Almost 70% of lost dogs are recovered via the posting of flyers. I am quite sure that Tessa's family would be thrilled to remove them promptly upon her recovery.

    And what % are found after 1 day in an urban setting?

    How about 10 Days?

    Probably less than 1%.

    No one finds a dog and then keeps it in hopes the owner finds them somehow. People who find dogs either bring them to a shelter, or call the police and say they have found a dog. Or they keep them and don't tell anyone.

    Dennis Lehane's dog

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    You are a heartless group out there! I'm so sorry flyers are bothering you. Wouldn't a missing family member bother you a lot more? May none of you complainers ever lose someone or something you love.