Brookline fears chalk

Wicked Local Brookline reports on the hoops a local woman had to go through to get the town to let her do a public art project involving sidewalk chalk. Let's just say it was a good thing for her she has a friend who's a lawyer specializing in the First Amendment.



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      And what would that accomplish? To show people how proud you are of your stance against public chalk art?

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      "The town only approved the

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      "The town only approved the work for the time between 4 and 8 a.m."

      Too bad it's illegal/impossible to get to Brookline by car or T for that time period.

      In normal places, sidewalk chalk artists are allowed to work during normal hours, and people walking by often stop and watch.

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      "In normal places..."

      You nailed it, right there.

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      Should invite her to do something with Petersburg Square, err, I mean City Hall Plaza.

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      Oy vey

      Brookline's stuffiness never ceases to amaze me. If that's how the city - oops, I mean town, chooses to behave, I won't even go there to patronize their businesses anymore. It's really, really sad that sidewalk chalk is even somehow an issue for anyone, there - or ANYWHERE. If I did live there, I'd start handing out free sidewalk chalk to all the kids on my street after reading of this nonsense.

      BTW, they often close down the street in front of my building for events, and when they do, they cover the square with sidewalk chalk art. It's really fun and the messages tend to be positive. I dare someone from Brookline to come to Lynn and check it out next time. :)

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