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    One of them, anyway

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    It's not like he's the only one.

    At least Weld finished a full term before he got bored and wandered off to not be the ambassador to Mexico (since Jesse Helms blocked him).

    Cellucci was in office for less than four years (even counting his part of Weld's second term) before he got bored and became the ambassador to Canada.

    Swift wasn't in the office long enough to get bored.

    Romney, unlike his predecessors, kept the job when he got bored with being governor...which means that even Sarah Palin had a better understanding of the responsibilities of the position of governor than he did.


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    I don't get the fascination

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    I don't get the fascination with "bgwhatever". Is it really that important? You never misspelled a text?

    Anyone who really cares about

    Anyone who really cares about gay marriage isn't going to vote for a Republican in any case.

    And by the way - Obama was against it before he was for it. If you actually believe that he didn't lie to get elected the first time.

    Actually, he was for it before he was against it

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    before he was for it. He was on tape in the 90s talking about how he supported gay marriage. And it's "Democratic" not "Democrat". Turn off Howie and Rush for a second there.

    Oh, no, it's not that

    You miss the opposite side of that - anyone who cares about keeping gay marriage illegal on a federal level would want someone who has been clear on his opinion ... otherwise you get, um, Mitt Romney?

    i can relate.... i think most

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    i can relate.... i think most "pro" gay marriage people who have been alive long enough probably started "anti" at some point in the past, that's just the way the world has changed. So we can all relate.

    And regardless we ALL were alive when obama's switch on that issue was headline news, so you aren't enlightening anyone by revealing that. You should probably just stick to the "57 states" barbs....

    It's a chance for Weld to distinguish himself from the crazies

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    I'm not sure that the article is as damning as characterized, and in any event, does not necessarily jive with what one of my close friends told me about Weld's demeanor at a gay wedding in town a few years ago. He said that Weld had some kind of active role in the ceremony (I can't remember precisely what it was) and that he couldn't have been more graceful or supportive of the couple (n.b., my friend was no fan of Weld from a political standpoint).

    At all events, this is an area where Weld could distinguish himself from the crazies in the national party (and thereby render himself even more electable in Massachusetts) by harkening back to the libertarian streak of real Republicanism (as opposed to the southern-fried brand we see now), e.g., by saying that what people do in their private lives and which does not have a meaningful negative impact on others is no concern of the government (and especially not of the federal one).

    Do you mean devolved? He

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    Do you mean devolved? He went from being accepting to the old conservative schtick of "states rights" to cover up his past statements and bring himself a little closer to a real republican. Markey FTW.

    Bring on Big Red!

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    Even if you hate Weld, you should like to see him in the race unless you want yet another campaign full of the same old tired talking points.

    Come on, Big Red, get in the game. As I've been saying for months, those of us who have been paying attention don't believe that you came back for the weather or the view from One Financial.

    I hear....

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    Weld is making too much money in the private sector to give it up for a short time in the Senate. My money's on Markey.

    Brown will run in the Governor's race, due to the fact that smarter people than him have told him if he runs for the Senate and loses again, his next career move will be filling in for Howie when Michele (one L on Facebook!) McPhee is too busy.

    I not sure Weld needs the money. That might be a cover.

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    The "I'm making too much money in the private sector" thing might make sense for someone like Brown, but I'm not so sure it does for Weld. As I recall, he comes from an old New York family that has quite a bit of money. Also, it's only a couple of years to fill out the rest of the term, so if he doesn't like it, or really does need the money, he could be back at to it no time - presumably making even more for ML after having had a few years in the U.S. Senate.

    I am, however, interested to know what else (if anything) you might be hearing, as I know you are well-situated for that kind of thing...

    Let me clarify

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    I never said Weld needed the money. He likes money. He also really enjoys fine libations without having to be concerned about the public scrutiny a US Senator enjoys.

    I am also hearing some rumblings about Sean Bielat...


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    Sorry, Doug

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    I just couldn't in good conscience vote for a man who uses Netscape Composer to design his website. Just can't do it.