Brr: Fire and ice in old Boston

Ice truck

Leslie Jones (of course) took this photo of Engine 8 outside a major winter fire at North Station in the 1920s (the caption says approximately 1920; the Globe archives shows a four-alarm fire on Jan. 17, 1925).

Winter fire on wharf near North Station in 1919. Winter fire at Haymarket in 1954. 199 Boston fire photos - including a number of the aftermath of the Cocoanut Grove fire.

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    Well, 2007.

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    Well, 2007.

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    A slice of old industrial Boston

    I keep crossing my fingers hoping that building with the balconies manages to live on without some real estate conglomerate turning it into some boring office building. I'd love to know more about it's history. What they're doing in Fort Point to those old warehouse buildings is kinda sad. There's some neat spaces there.

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