BTD plays Howie Mandel in Dorchester: Turn or No Turn?

Odd signs in Dorchester

Today's winner of the coveted "Huh?" road-sign award goes to this pair at Dot Ave. and Freeport Street in Dorchester, where roving UHub photographer Joseph Gugliotta had to figure out which sign to obey.

Traffic control, Boston style.



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This si especially problematic at that intersection,

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That intersection, from that direction, is actually a right-turn-only. The light never gives a green, only a green right arrow, and cross traffic is never fully stopped, since you should never be crossing traffic if you're turning right.

Forcing a left turn from that direction is downright dangerous. Everyone will have green arrows that oppose the left turn.

The orange sign

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with the left arrow is for a night time construction detour. There should be a police detail here to assist traffic turning left. They are supposed to cover/ uncover the conflicting sign each night and in the morning when they are done for the night.

Easy: Ignore the Detour sign as usual

When I commuted daily (most of the 2000s) it was much more common to see an inaccurate Detour sign than a valid one, so I learned to ignore them unless the normal route was blocked or a cop/flagger pointed me in the same direction.