The building at the fork in the road

Mystery Boston building

When and where? From the Boston City Archives, natch. See it larger.



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    Washington at Warren St.

    I'd paste a URL but gmaps won't let me copy/paste for some reason.

    ETA: As to the question of "when?", Chris and the Wonderful Lamp seems to have debuted in New Haven in 1899, and the El hit Dudley in about 1901, so it'd have to be somewhere right at the turn of the last century.

    A tree grows in Brooklyn

    And according to the Mayor last night, a crane grows in Dudley.

    If you look at the top of the prow it says Ferdinand - when I blew it up I had only sky and when I paged down it said Ferdinand.

    Hope this new location for the school department works out for everyone.

    I work right across the

    I work right across the street. They are now building the elevator to the new building. Pretty awesom project to watch from beginning to end. Dudley is changing and hopefully for the better. I use to love walking under the orangle line tracks!