Cambridge driver cited for Green Line collision

Transit Police say a driver trying to make a left turn ahead of a trolley was cited for a collision last night that left his car with damage, sent a couple of people to the hospital for observation but left the trolley unscathed.

According to a Transit Police report, the man was driving outbound on Comm. Ave. shortly before 8 p.m. when he tried turning left onto Pleasant Street, across the Green Line tracks.

There is no signal at the intersection, but it does have "Yield to Trolley" signs, so the driver was issued a citation for failing to yield at a yield sign. The force of the impact caused his air bags to deploy and his car was towed from the scene.

According to police, the trolley driver reported being "shaken up" and was taken to St. Elizabeth's, as was a trolley passenger who reported a headache. Another trolley passenger reported feeling dizzy but was not taken to the hospital.



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The train always wins

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A train with about 300 people always wins against your auto insurance company, too.

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The Green Line collision

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I haven't lived in New England for decades, but here in Saint Paul, we're about to get a 'Light Rail Line', which gets me funny looks when I call it a streetcar line, and it's going to be called the Green Line. I look forward to stories like this one for the next decade while folks around here figure out the physics of a train versus a car, in an intersection.

Wicked good fun, and hopefully nobody dies.

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Drivers will blow through red lights

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Blame the train.

The media will blame the train.

Shrill NIMBYs will demand that millions more are spent to ensure crossings are "safe" and drivers are "protected" from the train.

Something-something else about "protecting our children" from the train in the middle of the busy street filled with cars.

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