Can music soothe the savage shopper?

With a Winter Storm Warning going into effect at 1 p.m. and the Roche Bros. Parking Lot Warning already in effect, the West Roxbury store thoughtfully brought in some carolers this morning to try to calm jittery shoppers. Meanwhile, the Charles River Park Whole Foods mad sure to lay in extra stocks of milk.



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        They'll need to

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        put a choir in the parking lot to stem the insanity out there.

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        A Clockwork Orange

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        Oh my brothers please play that horror-show music as we go out on this starry burg.

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        Chelsea CVS

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        I actually was out of milk so I went to the CVS on Broadway in Chelsea this morning around 9:30. I was surprised it was fully stocked. They must have JUST gotten a delivery and stocked the cooler because there were no gallons taken at all (I was the first!)

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