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      I never get tired of the intersection of Fuller and Brush (Hill) Road in Milton. Plus they're so rich they have Dollar (as opposed to Penny) Lane

      Summer and Winter... there. Boston has another Summer and Winter.
      Combine them into Spring St. (or Fall St.) then rename the street in West Roxbury.

      there is the infamous corner

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      there is the infamous corner of Bow and Arrow in Cambridge, which has the added delight of being very bow and arrow like in shape on a map (aimed at MIT, too)

      Maybe we can have some google

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      Maybe we can have some google sleuths figure out which came first - the street name or the book which was published in 1869. I'm pretty sure Kraft named the cookie after the fictional character.

      Ward Maps

      I just spent way more time than I should have poking around Dorchester maps on - Lorna Road appeared first, on a 1918 Atlas of the City of Boston; at that time, the cross street between Lena Terrace and Tiverton Road was called Marie Street. By 1933, it had been renamed Doone Avenue.

      The streets were in the

      The streets were in the planning stage in 1910, and the first few houses were built by 1918. Doone street was originally Marie street.

      No wonder why!

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      You know, I just helped a client close on a piece of land last month on Lena Terrace which is right off of Lorna Road and is the next perpendicular street to Doone Avenue. I kept on looking at that intersection on Google Maps wondering what the weird feeling I was getting to that intersection was. Thanks for identifying it! Ha!

      How I heard about it

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      I was listening to the police scanner this morning (as is my wont). Some guy police were looking for showed up there and at one point the dispatcher said something like "attention officers at Lorna and Doone ..."


      Street sign with both names on it?

      If any of you live near there, can you walk or bike by it and see if there's a street sign that has both streets on it? Then take a photo and post it here? (I can't find one on Google Street View, but that doesn't mean it isn't there.)

      Cookie Box

      Years ago the FD called the location 'the cookie box.' I was there at work years ago when the airplane hit.


      Street-naming resources?

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      How does one find out when and for what (or whom) streets were named? There are a bunch that I've always wondered about.


      There are no records kept

      There are no records kept regarding how a street was named. In this case, they were girls names, and Marie was changed later to Doone.


      No Such Agency

      In Fort Meade, Md., the NSA "welcome" center (leading to the main NSA campus) is at the intersection of Savage and Canine Roads.

      (They prefer to pronounce the latter as "kuh-nine." But we know better.)