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      I never get tired of the intersection of Fuller and Brush (Hill) Road in Milton. Plus they're so rich they have Dollar (as opposed to Penny) Lane

      Ward Maps

      I just spent way more time than I should have poking around Dorchester maps on - Lorna Road appeared first, on a 1918 Atlas of the City of Boston; at that time, the cross street between Lena Terrace and Tiverton Road was called Marie Street. By 1933, it had been renamed Doone Avenue.

      No wonder why!

      You know, I just helped a client close on a piece of land last month on Lena Terrace which is right off of Lorna Road and is the next perpendicular street to Doone Avenue. I kept on looking at that intersection on Google Maps wondering what the weird feeling I was getting to that intersection was. Thanks for identifying it! Ha!