Car plows into Allston storefront - in reverse

55 Harvard Ave., Allston

DPW worker cleans up mess outside store. Photo by BFD.

The Boston Fire Department reports a driver somehow managed to drive in reverse into the Artful Edge, 55 Harvard Ave., around 4 p.m. Arriving emergency crews found the Subaru embedded in the framing store. The driver was unhurt, but one pedestrian was cut by flying glass.

Police are investigating the incident; ISD also arrived to look at the structural state of the building.



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I'm curious as to specifics. Almost immediately I figured it was another elderly driver who thought they were hitting the brake, saw they were moving backwards, and then slammed even harder on the 'brake'.


Just now?

I lived on Farrington for a few years in that building behind what is now the bakery. (The businesses at the time were not nearly as civilized). The business in that area stretched left to the corner and had an alarm that would go off if you looked at it funny. Until someone took a bat to the speaker fixed just outside the door. Someone backing up a car into the place would have made perfect sense at the time (though, as previously mentioned, a bat did the trick...), but it's a shame now that someone has clearly spent some effort to upgrade that stretch of shops. The bars have all changed names, but not numbers since I lived there (oh, have I mentioned that we had to call for the police to that corner on a weekly basis?), so perhaps no big surprise.

Artful Edge

I'm happy to report that while the window frames were mangled, per the photo above, there was apparently no structural damage to the building and Artful Edge will be reopening today after taking an extra day off yesterday to clean up the mess. The sign on the door says that no customers' artwork was damaged.

What a mess!

Glad to hear that no structural damage to the building occurred, no customers' artwork suffered damage, or that nobody was hurt.

Somebody wasn't paying attention to their driving, if one gets the drift.