Car turns turtle on Columbus Avenue

Overturned car on Columbus Avenue

Charlie Z., who took the photo around 9 this morning, wonders how you can flip a car on Columbus.

Jef Taylor, who has an eye for detail, wonders how the blue Prius behind turtle car got into that spot.



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All those batteries

= magic force field. It levitated the car, pulled in under neath it, and then it flipped on its way to the ground.

They may lack torque, but they're badass.

(I'm actually betting the white car was parked on the cobbled median, as seems to be the custom in the area)

The latest rumor was

That driver of the white car was texting and side-swiped another car, then, just, flipped.

This has to be true, because I heard it from a guy who heard it from a guy who was having breakfast in Charlie's at the time. Also heard the driver walked away.

It's weird, but it does

It's weird, but it does happen. I was driving with a friend doing maybe a max of 18mph when she hit a patch of ice and went into an embankment. The car slow motion rolled onto the side, then roof. We couldn't believe it rolled going that so slow.