Car flipped, bottles thrown

Flipped car

Derek McLeod photographed a car flipped by people after the Sox game on Boylston Street across from the Victory Gardens.

SWAT team got it on video, hopefully they find the perps

Robert Paul took another photo of the car.

Around 1 a.m., John Ford tweeted:

Crowd attempts to flip Porsche with passengers. Porsche guns it out of crowd. Crowd chases. Boylston.

All along Boylston in the Fenway, police reported being targets of bottles.



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    Tuition goodbye

    Somewhere there are parents paying $50000 a year to send their kid to college in boston who will be very surprised to learn today that their kid is being arrested and kicked out of school

    Also, something doesn't add up here - SWAT filmed this incident and there was someone in the car? Feels like police would intervene here if someone's life is in danger.


    Tell me about it! This

    Tell me about it! This happened in front of my apartment and I was surprised the SWAT team didn't do anything. Especially when the people were trying to flip the second car! SWAT was just a couple of feet away and nothing! The owners of the car came out and asked the crowd to not flip their car. The crowd didn't listen and again, the SWAT just stood there. The owners of that car even approached the SWAT later to argue! I was also surprised by how no one stood up and helped the owners. I was ready to go outside and fight!

    Thank God nothing happened to my car, but I feel the pain of the other car owners. It was a shocking and scary night. I am extremely angry and perplexed at what happened.Once again, we couldn't count on the police and SWAT to help us out.


    Oh my goodness. I can't

    Oh my goodness. I can't imagine watching someone do that to your car with the police standing by and doing nothing. Since it's on video, I wonder if there's a lawsuit here.

    You know, I think that if I had had a car parked on street in the Fenway, I would have moved it into a garage yesterday. This seems to happen whenever there is a sporting victory. Way to keep it classy, Boston.


    It was horrible! One of the

    It was horrible! One of the worst experiences I ever had! Not even living in a 3rd world country I experienced something like this. The cops seemed afraid to start a confrontation, while people were breaking the other cars and trying to flip the other car. People were just waiting for the SWAT to make the move, and nothing. I was even yelling from my window "go! What are you waiting for?"

    I got lucky that I parked on the right side of the street! There was parking restriction throughout the entire Fenway/Kenmore area, so it was hard to find parking, not to mention that the parking garage rates were very expensive because of the Red Sox game. In addition, there were a lot of cops and street closed for cops, so we thought we would have been ok. It was non violent most of the night, until 1am. I don't think any of us would had foreseen this event. At least not with all the police officers, dogs, SWAT, and tanks down the street.

    I don't think there's a lawsuit here. The funny think is that the SWAT was making a video themselves of what was going on....


    It's worth noting the driver

    It's worth noting the driver tried to drive through a wall of people standing on a sidewalk before anyone touched the car. The driver didn't care if he hit anyone. The kids shouldn't have flipped the car but the driver was behaving very dangerously.


    You clearly don't know what

    You clearly don't know what the hell you are talking about! Everything happened in front of my apt and I saw everything. First, the car they flipped didn't have people inside! they just chose that car at random. They also jumped on top of other cars, broke the window of another, and tried to flip the last car on the street.

    There was one more case of a Porsche, where there were passengers. As the people tried to flip the car, the driver, accelerated and thankfully, the people decided to walk away! If I was the driver, I would have run those people over to protect myself and my family.

    And even if your statement was true, that wouldn't justify the reason of those criminals to flip the car! They were just looking for trouble by destroying people's car and peeing on people (I know this is hard to believe, but that happened to my neighbor and coworker. One of those people was a girl- so classy!)

    Next time, please get your facts straight before making such comments! Thank you!



    Hope they get caught, arrested, and kicked out of school, AND pay restitution....

    I don't understand the mentality of having to destroy other peoples stuff after a sports team's win.....



    Says the culprits are not from Boston, rather transplant students. But what i really find funny is how their moronic behavior is vaguely similar to a lot of UHub commenters who are'nt from Boston but think they now whats best for this city and it's citizens.