The Cask of the Self-Storageado

The owner of a Westboro self-storage place is charged with trying to seal a Verizon worker in an underground utility vault in a fit of anger over the way the worker parked on his grass, the Worcester Telegram reports.

Police say the business owner also stole the worker's keys out of his truck.



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      I believe he’s been summoned for the first two. Murder implies premeditated intent, and while negligent, I don’t think he intended the outcome of locking the guy in the box to be death.

      Anyways, I though all the sovereign citizens were regulated to small pockets of Western MA and NH. Anyways, I think a good punishment would be for Verizon to cut his phones lines and refuse service over their right of way transmission lines.

      It’s funny how fast these idiots fall once they realize what their selfish stupidity means when it finally affects them directly. Have fun with no utilities I say.

      So confused

      Why wasn't he arrested for attempted murder?

      He removed a ladder, shut the access hatch (which seals and turns off the ventilation system...just because he doesn't know that doesn't mean he gets excused from its relevance to the case), AND then sealed the hatch with 20 lbs of rock... He entombed that man to die!

      How did he even get to walk away from the scene once police questioned him and he admitted to doing it?!

      Staying far away from Westboro

      It's freaky to me many of the comments to that article say things like "He shouldn't have done that, BUT..." and go on to describe how the Verizon worker messed up. I mean, I've read the comments here after a bike accident, but the Telegram readers bring victim-blaming to a whole new level.

      Stay away from comments sections

      Unemployed, on the gov dole loons spend all day commenting about their right wing ideology, racist fears, and how everyone else is a moocher.

      Its what they need to tell each other to feel good and to keep from jumping off bridges due to the disconnect from accepting government assistance and being unemployable because of deeply rooted socialization problems.

      a standing broad jump of truly Olympian proportions

      Your comments bespeak an impressive level of hypocrisy and self delusion. How about I give you a dollar for every "unemployed, on the gov dole loon (with) right wing ideology" and you give me the same dollar for each of those who support the current status quo? Exhibit A is the young lady who launched a Globe delivery truck off the highway with her Caddy? If your theory made any sense, you would be posting complaints about Pres. Romney right now.

      I hope the employee can file

      I hope the employee can file some sort of civil suit. If the dude had a problem, he should have called the police instead of trying to hurt a guy just trying to make his daily bread. What I don't understand is that Verizon doesn't have some type of safety measure in place, where the vault door is padlocked in the open position so it cant close, accidentally or nefariously. Especially where there is only one worker under ground. Sort of reminds me of the time a buddy of mine was on a pole, beyond the ladder , somewhere remote on Mission Hill off the main streets behind buildings , and the boys stole the ladder ,stranding him on the cleats of the pole. This was before cell phones , but he had a test phone, so he clipped it on and got rescued. I have no use for people that interfere with someone making his daily bread.