Mystery explosions roil Chelsea

Ed Baur is chronicling mystery booms in Chelsea: Around 3:40 p.m., numerous people reported a loud bang in the Bellingham Square area, but firefighters sent out to investigate couldn't find anything that looked like it had just exploded, so they returned to their quarters - only to roll out again around 4 p.m. to investigate something at 2 Lawrence St., which also turned out to be nothing explosive.



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      It was a very odd noise. I

      It was a very odd noise. I was at the park with my father and my nephew when we heard the noise. We are about a mile away from Bellingham Square but it was very easy to hear. It sounded very controlled and did not have any extra sound associated with it. My father was in Vietnam and I taught rifle/shotgun shooting for a while so we discussed the sound for a bit while my nephew ran around. It did not have the sound of a gun or of anything breaking. Would be interesting to find out what it was.

      If you know something

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      illegal that is going on, you should notify the authorities instead of posting cryptic hints on blog posts.

      Crypto Anon , it was a

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      Crypto Anon , it was a speculative comment. You have no name , and you are giving advice on posting cryptic assumptions. There is no mystery of what the Chelsea Creek is about , if you are familiar with the area. There are all sort of environmentally potential hazards lurking thereabouts in the ground. Gases or vapors migrate through chases made by various buried utility pipes and travel. A scenario could be such migrating vapors or gases traveled until they might have found a source of ignition , maybe a buried electric cable arcing. That is a potential scenario. Dont forget to call DigSafe if you go digging to explore . That would be illegal. I would never put a bucket in the ground without calling first.

      that's what I thought that you were implying

      Anybody who has had anything to do with the environmental aspect of that waterway would consider it possible that strange booming noises originated there ... its a swamp thing.

      Or maybe it is a Swamp Thing ... RUN!!!

      City Manager

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      I asked the City Manager if he knew anything... and his reply is "Public safety hasn't an answer, but we'll keep on looking."