Chicken killer on the loose in Jamaica Plain

Killer paw print

Galen Moore of Jamaica Plain reports this is the print of an animal that killed and ate his neighbor's chickens. Yes, plural and, yes, Jamaica Plain. He wonders if anybody can tell what sort of animal did the fowl deed.



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    Pet Dog?

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    I agree with Sarcastic Sam. Fox, coyote or even an unleashed pet dog. On my street a while back, an otherwise well behaved and usually leashed Husky broke out of his yard and killed nine of my neighbors 12 chickens in a very short time span. The horrified Husky owner immidately compensated the chicken's owner with cash, even though AFAIK the chickens are kept without benefit of permit.

    Parka Snake

    Either that, or they have developed some sort of portable heater tape technology!

    Lord help us!

    I'm gonna say CAT

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    Because usually w/ dogprints you see some part of the nail. Cats pretty consistently don't have claws in their tracks, plus they're super-efficient predators.
    Or a fox -- we've seen a couple this year. Very sly & very murderous.

    Wait I

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    Wasn't wearing those shoes. Fu£k j drank to much last night!!!!

    husky ate chickens?

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    If you ask me, it is the owner's fault for having chickens in the CITY where, I think a previous poster, commented that they are not legal.

    Chickens are for the country. Keep them there.