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    bee line

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    She must be a regular green b rider.

    ...or a Park St. Lechmere rider...

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    ...where after every 3 useless Gov. Center trolleys, finally comes a useful Lechmere or N. Station trolley.

    Great site, btw.

    or a beeeeotch

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    ...given how many of the GIFs are about antisocial, dickish, selfish behavior.

    I'm Not a Beeeotch

    By Ali on

    I'm sorry if you find my blog offensive. I'm a actually a pretty nice person.

    Love, love LOVE!

    I want to marry this Tumblr.

    Was sneaking a quick look during my lunch break. Started by snickering to myself and ended up laughing and crying out loud, much to the confusion of the intern in my office. This is fantastic!