Citizen complaint of the day: Church disobeys one of the Ten Commandments of Urban Life

Snowy sidewalk in the South End

A fed-up citizen reports from the South End:

Unshoveled sidewalk at 15 Union Park Street. St. John the Baptist Church, once again ignoring one of the ten commandments of urban life..."Thou Shalt Shovel Thy Sidewalk".

If only there were some way the city could help.



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I think they are

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How is it not the business of pedestrians to complain about unshoveled sidewalks?

Edit--Scratchie, I see from your comments on the other thread that you were almost certainly making a joke here. my bad.

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Instead of whining

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pick up a shovel and be a good neighbor.

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No news here...

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That church is always a major offender of not shoveling. And in the summer, there's dog crap everywhere! If I have to clean that stuff up in front of my place, then so should they!

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I live nearby and traverse

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I live nearby and traverse that block daily. The church NEVER shovels their sidewalk. Often need to walk in street to avoid all the packed snow and ice. Thanks for posting this.

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