Citizen complaint of the day: Cotton headed ninny-muggins

A concerned citizen who obviously looks up to Ralphie's father in "A Christmas Story" complains about one particular tree pit on Marion Street in East Boston:

Someone's getting coal on their stocking! I asked for Marion Street between White and Monmouth in Eastie to be cleaned in case # 101000989879. Well, surprise! Someone in public works should have a nose longer than Pinocchio by now. The crap on the street by the curb and on the sidewalk on the odd side of the street (3-21 Marion St) survived the two snow storms in tact. I've lived in developing countries with open sewers and the trash here looks more vile. Please be sure that the cotton headed ninny-muggins who claimed to have "swept" up the dog feces, trash, empty cat food dishes, etc actually does it. Merry Christmas.

With a photo of said trash, natch.



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      Specificity is the key to all good communication.
      The poster asked the city to clean the street, that trash is on the sidewalk....



      In the time it took the photo and post a complaint, "concerned citizen" could have acted like an enlighten sameritian and gone out to clean up the mess themselves.


      90 Year old grandmother...

      Will love the fact that you volunteered her to sweep up the entire block. Perhaps you misplaced your reading glasses? The poster clearly states it's the entire block, street and sidewalk, that is strewn with garbage, not just the tree pit. Citizens Connect only takes one photo upload per case.

      I know!

      Well, I know now. I was thinking more of the endless string of insults, which is more of a Christmas Storyish kind of thing (but I always thought he said "Buttafinga!")