Citizen complaint of the day: Damn phone books

A persnickety citizen complains about these bundles of phone books on Mt. Vernon Street on Beacon Hill:

Verizon phone books left on street; who uses them anyway!!!!



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    Finally, something we can all agree on.

    Although the litterer was wrong, we all know how he/she feels: these have got to go. I've got a dozen in my lobby.

    What is the home address of the highest Verizon executive in the Bay State? I have a special delivery for him.

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    Oh snap!

    Zing! Take that North End sidewalk sitter!

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    I still use them.

    They make great targets when I go to the shooting range. Paper flies out of them like confetti.

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    This is so inefficient

    Verizon hires some company to load them into trucks and distribute them all over the neighborhood. Then they sit out for a while, and then we the taxpayers hire a trash hauling company to pick them up and haul them to a landfill. Wouldn't it be simpler and more efficient for the city to pay Verizon to have them sent directly to the landfill?

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    The board should haul Verizon in for the flagrant blocking of a hydrant! Maybe they should even go so far as to bar Verizon from offering their FIOS services in Bos-- oh wait...

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