Citizen complaint of the day: Don't you try to hush me when I complain about slobs in East Boston

So Public Works thinks it can get all huffy and tell East Boston residents to shaddup and bitch to their slobby neighbors rather than trying to get the city to do something? Think again. An outraged citizen complains about slobby neighbors on Marion Street:

Any chance owner can be sited for unsanitary conditions outside the house? No one cleans up anything around here. And don't give me a hard time for posting this complaint, as should I be a Beacon Hill resident, no one would think twice about sending in a complaint! I clean up a outside my house and nearby tree pits, but I am not responsible for the whole neighborhood. Is there a way to make building owners/absentee landlords more responsible for the conditions outside their property?



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      If you want a clean

      If you want a clean neighborhood then move to a clean neighborhood. You want Beacon Hill cleanliness but Eagle Hill rents but that's not the way the world works.

      How Clever.

      And how dare residents of the city expect it to be clean and want a nice place to live? And even worse, how dare they expect such a thing after venturing across the moat WILLINGLY?! Preposterous, just preposterous! Bush league even.



      We all pay taxes and benefit from the same services. The problem is when residents don't hold city services accountable for doing the job they are paid to do. Our government and government services are only as good as the public demand they be.


      World class cities....

      World class cities have year round street cleaning, why can't Boston? And we should be demanding year round that street cleaning and crews should be more than just one guy driving around a street sweeper and a bunch of tow trucks. Street cleaning should be an army of city workers with trash trucks picking up waste, guys with leaf blowers blowing litter into the gutter for the street sweeper, and inspectors issuing citations for unsanitary conditions. If the city shows some motivation to clean up East Boston, that can help in the overall quality of life and motivate the citizens to do the same.

      The prior post got me motivated to go for a walk this morning armed with two trash bags around my East Boston neighborhood and I quickly filled both of them up, with 50% of the littler (plastic bottles, food wrappers, used scratch tickets) coming from stuff that was already in the street gutter, stuff that year round street cleaning could have gotten.


      What I want to know is

      How did the conversation with the head of the East Boston District of the DPW go? He gave her his number. As she is so concerned with the state of the street, she must have called. And not that Adam should know the answer, but she has posted here.

      Inquiring minds want to know.

      Not writing from East Boston or Beacon Hill, but concerned enough about local trash that I cleaned up the aftermath of a hit-and-run (car on parked car) Friday.

      I chose not

      to reply to the DPW person. I called the Mayor's Hotline. My first request over a week ago was closed as completed, which it wasn't. The second request, while certainly more snarky, was to point out that nothing was done. There is a third request in for the street, as it is still a mess. Because many people who live here are at the lower level of average income does not mean they deserve to live in filth.


      Just saw your new complaint

      (couldn't on the computer I was on this afternoon)

      It's a fair ISD complaint. Well done. People should be keeping their property clean. Of course, in some parts of the city it is expected that owners keep things up. Why not Eastie indeed!


      East Boston Trash

      Property owners are responsible for the sidewalk. If the grass is overgrown the city will take action. Weeds and over grown grass are a haven for rodents. Get your local Civic Association to organize a clean up. Are you a member? Look into a website and get to know your neighbors and it’s free
      Next time you Citizens Connect the City make sure you document it with photos. Does your community have a Facebook page, if so post the photos.

      Do you think most residents

      Do you think most residents in East Boston care about their neighborhood? The answer is no. I lived in Eastie for 6 years and I saw it first-hand. Though it’s not the residents who should bare all the blame, the city is partly at fault. They should require trash barrels. This will eliminate about 40% of the waste in the neighborhood. What happens is, the pickers go around the streets on trash night and rip open bags to get to those ever elusive aluminum cans. Once the bags are ripped open, usually trash falls out or certain animals find their way in. When the trash men come to collect, even more trash spills out. It takes people working together to make a neighborhood clean and safe. The thing is the city is not doing enough though they shouldn’t be doing everything. Let’s face it.. people are lazy. There just happens to be a large population of lazy people in the Eastie area. I smarten up and moved to the north shore.

      You know what it is? You have

      You know what it is? You have people from Swampscott , Marblehead and Belmont with wealthy Moms and Dads that have Deep Pockets , They use that money to buy cheap 3 family houses and they have them rented, renters do not take care of properties ,sometimes they leave garbage in yards for weeks, while landlord from Marblehead or Belmont is tending 17 other properties in East Boston, You can tell when a house is owned by an absentee landlord, here are the signs, 1/ When they do not shovel outside in front of house, 2/ When the weeds start growing in summer. 3/ When the air conditioner is still in the winder during winter months.