Citizen Complaint of the Day: The eternal car alarm

A sleep-deprived citizen reports from Northampton Street:

The guy living at 182 Northampton has a minivan and the alarm goes off EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, several times, between 1 and 4 in the morning. I have submitted this ticket three times and have never even received a response -- please, tell me who I should call or what I should do. It is getting really bad.



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Craigslist: Car thief needed.

Craigslist: Car thief needed. Please steal this car. The alarm goes off constantly and nobody pays attention to it anymore.

Call police

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Report car theft in progress. Every time. It'll stop.

And then he tells you to

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mind your own business and fuck off...welcome to Boston.

That part of Northampton St

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That part of Northampton St is all large apartment buildings, there's no way of knowing where the owner lives unless they hold a stakeout, monitoring the van for hours to see if/when someone goes into it (then running up to the owner/car before they leave to tell them about their car alarm). Not EVERYONE's a coward trying to avoid confrontation, you know. Sometimes it's just really difficult to get hold of a certain person.

put notes on the car

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Your car alarm goes off every night and wakes everyone up. Please fix or disable it. We will report this to police until you take action or the car is removed from the street.

Seriously, who has a car alarm? Most cars have some built-in anti-theft device that makes it so the car cannot be started without the key and this is adequate for getting the insurance discount. Car alarms have been ignored for decades--they mean absolutely nothing and just annoy the crap out of neighbors.

By the way, if you are sitting in your car, with the alarm going off and you can't figure out how to stop it (or driving around--I've seen that too), close the doors, lock the drivers door with they key, then unlock it with the key.

After the neighbor tells you they don't care

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then call the local police station and ask what to do. Don't stop complaining until the noise stops. Unnecessary noise is a disturbance of the peace.

A lot of folks don't care about how much noise they generate. They generally will throw out the solipsistic rational that if you live in a city, and cities are noisy anyway, either deal with it or get out. It doesn't occur to them that since cities are inevitably noisy it matters more for each person to strive to be less noisy. When I exit my home I am standing on ground that belongs to everyone. As far as noise is concerned the only thing that I have in common with other people is quiet. I can't assume (unless I am so self-centered nobody else matters) that other folks want to hear the music I listen to or overhear my cell phone conversation. The only valid assumption that I can make is that by not making unnecessary noise I am giving another person the opportunity to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Parks are odd places nowadays. Part of the benefit from a park derives from it being a buffer from the non-stop noises inevitable to a city such as traffic. When a person walks through a park arguing on a cell phone, or playing the MP3 player enough that the earbud buzz is audible 20 feet away, they are negating the benefits for the themselves and everyone nearby - just because they can't be quiet for the time spent in a park.

We had this problem when I was in HS

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We had a neighbor with a home alarm that had no shut off, and would beep for 4-12 hours at a given time.

My family called the police station, asked what the laws and consequences were for broken alarms, and passed them on to the neighbor. This is probably pretty easy to do with a note under the windshield of a car.

Call 911

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Call 911 and they will have the car towed.