Citizen complaint of the day: Everybody knows George wasn't a hockey fan

A cranky citizen complains about the Bruins jersey that George Washington is still wearing up there on his horse in the Public Garden:

When the world visits Boston, they have no idea why George Washington is wearing corporate graffiti for a Canadian/Russian sport.

For added emphasis, the kvetcher checked the box asking if the item in question is "offensive."



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    I hate

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    people like this.

    Same! People really need

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    Same! People really need hobbies. Or to get laid so they can relax.

    Actually, maybe it's just a

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    Actually, maybe it's just a grumpy old person.

    Doesn't David McCullough like to walk around and look at all the statues each morning in the Public Garden? Maybe he objects to the Bruins garb?

    He should get off his high horse!

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    The complainer - not George.

    I think that while it's a Bruins jersey (actually more like a vinyl poncho so they can get it on him), it's also a Boston 617 Strong shirt, so until they put a sox/pats/celts one on him - it can stay there until at least the next Marathon as far as I care.

    Personally - I'd rather watch a pro hockey game than an NBA game even though basketball was invented just down the road here in Mass.

    The NBA

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    is about as entertaining as professional Badminton!

    I would pay $100

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    I would pay $100 to be able to subscribe to CitizensConnect with the ability to comment on other people's complaints. Imagine how much money the city could pull in if they made it a subscription based comment system. No money to complain, just pay to bitch at other complainers.

    People are already doing it

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    Take a screen capture of the complaint, then file a complaint about the complaint. It's a bit clunky - no built-in threading, but no doubt amuses the people who have to wade through all the complaints (well, until Herald readers get in on the act and start blaming everything on Obama).

    Why pay when you can make money?

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    It can't be that hard to make your own site that pulls their data and allows comments. Then you can pimp it here, and we can all go off on the posts. And you can make money off of ads!

    Though I'm not the person who

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    Though I'm not the person who complained (on a related note, who has time to do these things?) I think this guy was a point. The Stanley Cup was, what, last month. The Bruins lost. Get the shirt off George and call it a season.