Citizen complaint of the day: It's too damn hot

A sweltering citizen complains about the weather, wants the city to do something about it:

It's too hot. Please ask the dpw to turn down the sun. Ask the Mayor to allow Thunderstorms.

UPDATE: City marks case closed:

Case Noted. Requests filed but difficult to fulfill as [city of Boston] has no jurisdiction over sun/rain. i hope this info is helpful.



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No more tax breaks for Harvard and MIT until the eggheads figure out some way to get the warmth and the wind mixed in a little bit and not entirely demarcated.

Oh, they have it figured out

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They Grand Mythological Know Nothings in Congress find that the scientific facts don't match their bank accounts, campaign contributions, and faith in whatever they want to believe on.

So, all you'll get from academia is a rousing chorus of I TOLD YOU SO!

I had a machine to do just

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I had a machine to do just that until trigger happy GI Joe had to meddle.

Just roll with it , and be

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Just roll with it , and be grateful you are not on the working end of a shovel in a hole dug into the street in full sun.

Heat is good for working

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Heat is good for working asphalt, gives you more time. But it always hot on top of a load , rolling the tarp. But now they have devices that do that, still hot though all arounds! Hats off to the hot toppers though, as you are right!

I can't wait

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To be able to complain about how cold it is this winter. I'm sick of complaining about this heat. Oh,for the good old days of yore (3 weeks ago) when I could complain about the rain!


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"Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it." - Charles Dudley Warner