Citizen complaint of the day: The jerk on Myrtle Street


A peeved citizen on Myrtle Street on Beacon Hill complains:

Resident from down the street put computers out in trash, sanitation dept put a note on them informing the resident they could not be disposed in street trash. Resident carried them up the street five houses crossed the street and put them in this tree pit. Resident is a jerk.

The city marks the case closed, says the monitors have been removed. Other residents of the non-jerk variety on Myrtle Street and, indeed, across Boston, can call the DPW to schedule curbside pickup of old monitors and TVs at 617-635-4500.



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    Thank you!

    Exactly - I understand why TVs and monitors have to be picked up by a specialized crew, but I don't see why the regular collectors can't flag these items and file a request to send out the right crew. In my neighborhood lots of people throw out TVs and monitors as part of moving-out purges, so there's nobody left to take responsibility for getting the items removed properly.


    Why? Because they are transient residents with no stake in the neighborhood, no sense of citizenship, and no sense of responsibility to strangers.

    But also because the city does nothing to educate them about the right thing to do.