Citizen complaint of the day: Mr. Mayor, fix this chain!

Kid with chain

UPDATE, Monday: The city Parks Department reports the chain was fixed this morning.

A concerned citizen of the parental type (we assume) files a complaint from the South End:

Titus Sparrow park playground climbing ladder is broken and dangerous! Please fix!



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    Hey kid

    Maybe dad could teach you how a nut and bolt work. See that bottom link, ya the one that's completely different from the others.

    Ready, I'm going to blow your mind. If you twist the attached nut on the link to the left, it opens. Reattach and spin right.

    Next week we'll teach you to tie your shoes.


    You're right

    What we need is a bunch of Whinny Liberals who complain about untrimmed trees and bike lanes. I think the only "Clown" in this discussion is the adult who couldn't comprehend how a nut and bolt work.

    This country is producing more and more useless people with no common sense.

    I wonder what this family does when i light bulb dies, do they call an electrician?

    Brillant Suggestion

    I think the only "Clown" in this discussion is the adult who couldn't comprehend how a nut and bolt work."

    Obviously it is inconceivable to you that something else could be broken that isn't shown in the photo -- such as the eye bolt that the chain previously attached to. Or do you expect the kid to also go out to the hardware store to buy the tools to remove the broken eye bolt and install a new one?

    Re: This country is producing more useless/clueless people

    I have to agree anon, 12:36 pm. A neighbor and I were recently putting up lawn signs for a mutual friend who is running for re-election to the City Council. We were stopped at one house when we were approached by a well-spoken young couple with a baby carriage, living across the street, complaining that the city doesn't cut the grass on the tiny strip of land between the sidewalk and the curbing in front of their house and maybe the Councilor could do something. The couple's house was the only one on the street where the small, city owned strip hadn't been cut. Meanwhile their lawn, a few feet away was well maintained. When I informed the man that maybe he could take some "civic pride" and cut the spot the next time he mowed his lawn, like his neighbor's were already doing, he looked at me puzzled. Just to prove the point, we went home, grabbed a lawnmower and cut the strip in about 30 seconds. The sad part is the couple seemed otherwise educated. Pathetic.

    Because some kid's father

    Because some kid's father decides to post a photo of his young son with a citizen complaint, the 10yr old deserves to be ridiculed online by anonymous adults? That's a little bit creepy! Get a life, anon on Sun, 10/20/2013 - 8:30pm.

    He didn't ridicule the kid

    But he did take the father to task for either seemingly not knowing how to fix a simple problem or for deciding that said simple problem should be fixed by a governmental bureaucracy.

    To be fair, I don't frequent that park, so I don't know exactly what the problem is, but I will defend the anon in that he chose to pick on the adult rather than the child.

    Go back and read again

    The anon adressed his comment to the child, and even threw in a final dig insinuating that the child was too ignorant to know how to tie his own shoes. I think anon was a jackass (as most are). His troll (and several others in this thread) even made a pretty large assumption that it was the quicklink (sic "nut and bolt") that was the problem, and not a broken/detached anchor point at the base of the play structure.