Citizen complaint of the day: Mystery roar in Charlestown

A perplexed citizen complains:

There is a loud roar like a jet engine running 24hrs aday at or near the Medford street at Belmont street area. Can you look into this please and let us know what it is and why it runs all day and night.



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      Not sure why it would be running continuously - unless they are powering the building from it. We had something like that in the alley about half a block down from the bedroom window and it was LOUD - literally sounded like a jet engine. Someone told me it was a generator that was set to automatically test - about once a week on Friday or Saturday right around midnight. Very annoying. Guessing the city can and will do something about it.

      UHub Special Agent Swirlygrrl Reporting

      This location is along one of my favored routes home from work via bike. Curious soul that I am, I had to go check it out.

      Well, guess what: 24/7 and 24/7/365 are apparently different, and no roar was noted.

      I do know that roar, however, so I pulled over to look around.

      Major potential culprits are the actual jet engines (and their ancillary equipment) used by the generating station just across the water, or some sort of air handler that the cement silos put in after one of them,burst forth with white powder like the candycane centerpiece (ahem) in the Slutcracker.

      Possible alternate: the air compressor keeping the giant land grub at the high school inflated.

      It could also be something to do with the car port or the giant freaking LNG tankers as well.

      Over and out.