Citizen complaint of the day: Oh, dear, I do believe that gaslight, which is fed by a natural-gas line, has burst into flames

Gas light go boom

A concerned citizen filed a complaint about a gaslight at Arlington and Beacon this afternoon:

Gas lantern appears to be on fire.

One can only hope he or she called 911 first.



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      The fire Department was there. I walked by at 6:10 and was waiting for a friend a block away until 6:45. There were 3 firemen all just standing there watching it burn the whole time.

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      Not necessarily lazy

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      They might have been waiting for National Grid to show up to shut off the gas. Same thing happens when transformers blow up - firefighters stand there, making sure the fire doesn't spread, but waiting for NStar to turn off the power.

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      I saw this on Marlborough

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      between Mass Ave and Kenmore Square years ago. My friend and I were marveling at how cute and authentic the gas lamp was, until we realized it was actually an electric lamp and somehow, the bulb was on fire.

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