Citizen complaint of the day: Smashing pumpkins

Smashing pumpkins

A citizen who is not Billy Corgan complains:

Edwards Park in Charlestown. Many smashed pumpkins. It isn't like the teens were trying to be discrete- they were yelling all night but no police vet patrol the park so they can have open container and do this without any consequence. It shouldn't be up to neighbors to clean this up.



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      Not reasonable

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      This complainer should have dialed 911 while it was happening. Whining to Citizens Connect the next morning is gong to do nothing but have it cleaned up. I am amused by the imbeciles who whine on CC about time sensitive things ie: cars double parked, someone getting robbed, dogs shitting in front of their house. People of Boston, grow some balls.

      Funny when

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      Funny when an anon poster tells people to grow some balls. Just sayin...

      What does one have to do with

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      What does one have to do with the other? Those who have bothered to register a handle here have yet to adequately explain how that makes them superior or how not bothering to do something so unnecessary makes one a coward.

      It depends

      It's really easy to make cowardly attacks when one is an unbranded anon -- no one even knows which anon is talking -- and it can get pretty confusing when there are lots of different anons in the same discussion.

      It is a matter of branding -- even if one is using a nom de forum (and not a real name), at least the pseudonymous persona has some responsibility for his or her own remarks. A pseudonymous poster who posts interesting things is just as likely to be value as one who uses a real name.

      Haha 911....

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      Good thinking.... Dial 911 and possibly take away a line or police to a real situation. Balls? Maybe they were being smart and didn't call 911 on kids smashing pumpkins... Hah. Idiot.

      Now if the City of Boston actually

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      recognized that not all situations regarding the police require people to call 911, but could be handled by the local precinct's non-emergency number instead, then maybe more people would consider calling the police while these events are actually happening.

      Nearly every other city and town in Massachusetts seems to grasp the concept of "911 - True Emergencies ONLY". Only Boston remains in the dark ages.


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      Sounds like they were continuously smashing.

      I bet road rage lady had

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      I bet road rage lady had something to do with this... It's not ok her BMW was damaged by parked bus..

      She takes action

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      Cleaned up

      Jarek reports she was fed up with the mess, moved the pumpkins into a pile and filled as much of the one garbage bag she had as she could.

      Perhaps someone can finish that up instead of just bitching about it.