Citizen complaint of the day (maybe the year): Something needs to be done about pooping cows on the Tobin

Pooping cows

A concerned citizen files a complaint from above the Mystic:

These cows just pooped all over the lower deck of the Tobin Bridge. Got on cars. Could someone please cleanup? Rain won't get there. Thanks.



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Know Your Government

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Each time that I read a complaint like this, I wish that the Clash song had been "Know Your Government".

Allow me to provide the answer to the Complainant: "Not under City's jurisdiction - please contact MassDOT. Case closed."


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All three of them.

I disagree with the sentiment

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I disagree with the sentiment. Citizens Connect gives people a high-visibility way to complain about stuff in Boston, and Boston then can give them information about what entity controls fixing it. It's like when I call 311 about a traffic light on a road that turns out to be a state highway -- I don't know who owns it, I just want it fixed. 311/Citizens Connect are, in part, ways to say, "It's okay to complain to government about X, and we'll do what we can." And as Adam has shown, it's a great way to simply get a pulse on what Bostonians are thinking about.

And come to

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My house and clean my car off too! Whiner.

The Fenway complaint

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I actually liked the complaint about traffic at the Fenway overpass around noon yesterday. Wasn't there an event or something going on over there? Dope. I also think the person in Worcester Sq is ready to lock and load. Those contractors better look out. By the way does anyone know if parking in a residential parking zone a towable offense at all?


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There is an ongoing feud on Henchman Street in the North End between somebody who supposedly ties a traffic cone to a light pole and uses it to save a handicap space and one of his/her neighbors. The neighbor's been filing complaints for months. OK, I admit it, I like following this mainly because Henchman Street is just such a great name (does it intersect with Minion Street?).


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I saw that. Maybe if they offer the people 1 meeeeeelion dollars they won't put out the cone


It is not a towable offense unless the car is in arrears for unpaid parking fines, etc etc


Disgusting. But, it reminded me of something - I distinctly remember as a kid that my family would be driving on Rt. 128 and seeing horse poop down the highway on several occasions. Of course, when you're driving along at 65 miles per hour, that isn't as disgusting.

St Pat's parade

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Pushed a Yuppie to complain on Citizens Connect about a pile of horseshit left on the street in front of their condo on West Broadway during the parade. These people are nuts.

Not all the effects of cars

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Not all the effects of cars on cities are negative. For example, the big reduction in street poop.