Citizen complaint of the day: The tipsy trash can

Tipsy Big Belly trash can

A tut-tutting citizen reports from Crescent Avenue in Dorchester:

Trashcan had a rough evening and is hung over. Will be into work late.



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      This is crazy

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      BPD should be taking DNA swabs of that cup.

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      Adam, not a trash can!

      No that is a $2,000 solar powered trash compactor. Calling it a trash can would be demeaning like also calling the (somewhat) bomb resistant trash cans Homeland Security paid similar sums for, trash cans. Then again, Kohler came out with a $6,000 toilet, which might be termed a throne.

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      Value Added

      That $2000 trash compactor likely saves the city many dollars in pickups in busy areas.

      So instead of playing the tired "omg an expensive trash can" tape loop, maybe do the math?

      I think we should have these things in areas where the sidewalks are covered in bags 3x a week. It wouldn't take long for the savings on rat control and less frequent pickups to add up.

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      Lost cause

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      You can lead a crank to Google, but you can't make him think.

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      Recycling not trash can

      The compactor is for recyclable materials. Open recycling bins would be picked for the deposit value of bottles and cans, thus compactors add no value.

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      the reason they buy these trash cans...

      By on because they save the city far more money. The top costs for trash collection are labor and fuel. Guess what you need to do less of with a trash-compacting barrel?

      Travel to it less frequently, and empty it less frequently. Which requires fewer crews, fewer trucks, and less fuel.

      Also, since they have flashing fullness indicators, it's easier for crews to skip over barrels that don't need emptying, so routes are covered faster.

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