Citizen complaint of the day: West Roxbury's gang problem


A concerned citizen filed this photo of a shelter at the LaGrange Street commuter-rail stop:

Gang tagging. West Roxbury MBTA station.



Free tagging: 


You joke, but

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If you're riding the orange line, look east between Stony Brook and Green Street and you'll see a tag on the tracks that says FANCY LAD.

The fancy lads have been terrorizing JP for years with their sailor outfits and their over-sized lollipops


That has got to be the shittiest tag for a gang I have ever seen. What makes them so sure it is from one? Looks like some preteen wannabe put this crap up.



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they assume this is a gang because..........

and and

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s/he assumes that tagging an MBTA sign at an MBTA station is the City's problem because....


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punk liberal, organic, Prius driving Co-Op farmers are at it again.


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"Swirrrrrrrrrrrrrley" (stern old mans voice)

Nobody here but us chickens

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Nobody here at all.

Perhaps it is merely a statement by a concerned citizen in favor of backyard hen keeping?

Watch out...

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...for the Nickel Steaks. Man, are they tough.