Citizen complaint of the day: Whadaya think Brighton is, Allston?


A disgusted citizen in Brighton does some trash talking from Comm. Ave. and Sutherland Road:

This person always just dumps their trash on the street as though this is Allston or some slum. This has been an issue for months and is probably a public safety issue. The chair represents further escalation and could be indicative of a hoarding situation inside the building. The trash also gets blown into the motorway, contributing to a negative ambiance.



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      Doesn't Boston hand out tickets for improperly packaged trash.. here in Chelsea they are nazi's about it. I got a 150 dollar ticket because my trash can was over flowing.. they told us the next time it would be 500. ugh.

      Just Because It's Allston/Brighton

      There's no good reason for city ordinances to go ignored in Allston or Brighton - Sutherland is in Brighton BTW.

      In fact crackdowns are good for the students. It will help build their character as they are presented with multi-hundred dollar fines their parents have to pay.

      But in all seriousness --- it should be illegal for anything larger than a three decker to not have a dumpster. With three-deckers required to have secured lid trash cans.

      Don't have room for a dumpster or room for accessing it by truck behind your building? Knock the fucking crappy thing down and build something new that does.

      Half of the buildings on Comm, Glenville, etc. are guilty of this and all should be demolished for the rat bait they are.

      One large apartment building

      One large apartment building in my neighborhood uses city trash pickup instead of paying for a dumpster. On trash day, they double-stack their trash cans neatly at the curb, about 20 of them.

      I much prefer that to another nearby building which has a dumpster, which means a second day of garbage truck noise besides the general city day. And it happens at 6 AM, which is illegal, but by the time the cops get there the truck is gone.

      Discarded TVs and computer monitors

      Sometimes it appears that computer monitors and TVs are randomly thrown on the street (air conditioners also), because they are waiting for the truck that picks up those specific items, which can sometimes take a couple of days.

      I'm not sure there's any excuse for the chair, though.

      Boston's Trash Attitude

      I've noticed that it seems acceptable in many parts of Boston to throw shopping bags on the curb and call it a day. What's wrong with a trash barrel, or sturdy trash bag?

      Collecting other people's trash

      This has been stated several times before
      1) There is no place to for trash barrels. Additionally if one leaves trash
      barrels out why out for work you are likely to find (in my part of the
      city) the barrel full with other people's trash after the collection is done.

      Not that most college educated people have any idea what you use a street trash
      barrel for.

      2) I find that some shopping bags are more sturdy then bags designed for trash. I use shopping bags where the load matches the sturdiness of the bag.
      Trash pickers rip all types of bags, doesn't matter if they are heavy duty
      or not. Rats don't care much either.

      I don't condone people using paper shopping bags with open tops, especially
      in the rains. Rain or not the contents frequently end up on sidewalk.