Citizen Complaint of the day: Where's Ripley when you need her?

Alien in Brighton

A concerned Nostromo crew member citizen reports from Rogers Park Avenue in Brighton:

Alien parasite continues campaign to ensnare host.



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      Look at those tendrils!

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      And think about Sigourney Weaver in Alien, because that couldn't just possibly be a tree with lots of little branches that are blocking the sidewalk ...

      Alien Parasite

      The "alien parasite" is the vine wrapped around the tree. I forget what it's called, but it can be found all around the neighborhoods near the Roslindale commuter rail station. The Globe had an article last year at some point talking about a Cambridge gardening group that was trying (and failing) to eradicate the vine.

      Cynanchum louisiae (black

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      Cynanchum louisiae (black swallow-wort) wraps around chain link fences just fine but it's typically not going to wrap around a tree. I can['t see what the heck is going on in this photo though. The straight twigs sticking out aren't black swallow-wort though.

      Water sprouts

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      You're right, that's not swallow-wort. It isn't bittersweet either. Those are water sprouts, wispy unbranched shoots, coming out of the tree itself. Water sprouts arising from the trunk or main branches are usually a sign of stress, like disease or mechanical damage. In this case it looks like the stress is the tree growing through the chain link fence.

      I think it's the snow

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      I had a roommate once who referred to snow as an alien invasion

      So the parasites continuing to occupy the host could be a reference to the unshoveled sidewalk????

      Not the tree -- the parking space!

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      And here I thought the major (astonishing, even) news was there was a parking space available and it wasn't being saved by a beach chair!!

      What parking space?

      That gap between cars is not a parking space - it's a curb cut. Looks like there's one of those handicap-ramp tiles in the middle of it.