Citizen complaint of the day: Who throws out Christmas trees a day and a half after Christmas?

Downed Christmas trees in the Back Bay

A concerned citizen complains about whichever Back Bay residents moved so quickly onto the next big holiday that they had to ditch their Christmas trees in Public Alley 432 early on Friday.



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Oh yes, of course

I, for one, love to fill my house with things I'm allergic to when there are hypoallergenic alternatives. I should have considered that! /snark

Besides, how is pointing out that people actually do fly off on vacation after Christmas "thinking the worst"???? Especially when I have coworkers living in the Back Bay who are currently doing exactly what I described?

Do explain why you hate people who go on vacation at year's end enough to call it "thinking the worst", oh sourwardly anon!


Just what we need, more

Just what we need, more sarcastic comments trying to reinforce neighborhood stereotypes, and this time from someone whose written articles for UHub.

The people with ski chalets in the Alps are living in places like the Mandarin Oriental Apartments where their trash is disposed of for them into dumpsters, they're not dumping their trees in alleys.


Indeed! Whoever snapped this

Indeed! Whoever snapped this pic to publicly bitch about it online has to lead the dullest of lives. Oh dear, someone disposed of their Christmas tree earlier than I'd prefer I must alert the internet!!!


Um, no

Whoever posted the photo didn't do so to complain publicly, but to complain to the city of Boston about somebody putting out not just Christmas trees, but bags of trash, which in that neighborhood promptly get ripped to shreds by either scavengers or rats. Putting trash bags out early is a fairly major and fairly common complaint in neighborhoods such as the Back Bay.

As for how it then showed up here, welcome to Universal Hub! For whatever reasons, the city has made it really easy to look at complaints filed via the Citizens Connect app, and I browse that regularly for unusual or odd complaints. The trash part, not so odd, but the Christmas tree thing seemed unusual to me, so I posted it. Am I boring? I suppose it's possible.

Past citizen complaints of the day.


Um, yes...

We can read what you posted... Your repost focused on the timing of the tree-dumping and specifically who you ASSume dumped the tree, "...complains about whichever Back Bay residents moved so quickly onto the next big holiday that they had to ditch their Christmas trees..." If you're going to put it out there (and I'm glad you do!) then be able and willing to let others say what they have to say about it... This repost was about your disdain for people who live in the Back Bay, and not about a tree and some trash. Own it!

Fire chief says to

Some fire chiefs advise people that the cut trees dry out and become worse fire hazards with time, even if you remember to water them.

Those Back Bay residents should have made a nicer outdoor display for homeless people. Passers by could then leave empty returnables under the tree as presents.


War on Christmas?

Since channel 2's Emily Rooney, among other Boston liberals, complained about the Marathon Bombing Memorial being unsightly, it's no surprise that Christmas trees would draw complaints from the "tolerant" crowd.


Yes, Emily Rooney is liberal. Try watching.

“There is just no question that I, among others, have a liberal bias. I mean, I’m consistently liberal in my opinions. And I think some of the, I think Dan [Rather] is transparently liberal. Now, he may not like to hear me say that. I always agree with him, too, but I think he should be more careful.” -- Andy Rooney on CNN's Larry King Live, June 5, 2002

Emily is both crotchety and liberal, just like her dad who at least admitted his own liberal bias. Try watching her on channel 2. She was apoplectic upon learning that "just a kid" Philip Chism would be tried as an adult in the horrific murder of teacher Colleen Ritzer. Emily even fretted, "who even remembers Eddie O'Brien?" as if people had forgotten the then 6'4, 260 pound, 15 year-old from Somerville who stabbed his friend's mother nearly 100 times, prompting the law that charges juveniles as adults in heinous murders. I remember Eddie O'Brien, Emily, and will also never forget that you regularly used your public TV show to lobby for the removal of the marathon memorial as "unsightly." To the commenter below, to equate the Islamic terrorist's attack on Boston, killing four and maiming hundreds, to an "urban murder of an adult," speaks for itself. Time to "pledge" to ch. 2.


Ad hoc memorials

I'm sorry, but the ad hoc "Marathon Bombing Memorial" WAS unsightly. How long can you look at hundreds of pairs of shoes lying there? After a while out in the elements, these things just become piles of junk and, not wanting to be disrespectful, nobody really knows what to do with them. It's like the unusual phenomenon of people leaving stuffed animals at the site of an urban murder, even when the victim was a grown man. What do stuffed animals have to do with grown men?


They're probably

one of those families that puts their tree up the Wednesday or Friday of Thanksgiving week. People who do that usually take the tree down right after Christmas, because they're tired of it and it's a fire hazard by then.

I've had trees that I put up around Dec. 7 or so that, by Christmas, were noticably dried out, and by New Year's, branches would snap off at the most gentle touches.

Xmas Trees

I haven't had a real tree in years. But when I was a kid we always kept the tree up till January 5 or 6. My Armenian momma told me that was when the real Xmas was.


People who immediately remove Christmas decorations

"Is this any worse than people who leave their Christmas lights up well into March?"

Yes, the people who wake up first thing in the morning the day after Christmas and immediately strip away all the decorations with great fervor, to "get back to normal" because they have "had enough of Christmas". If they didn't start watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music starting in September, and if they didn't put up their tree November 1, and wait in lines overnight on Thanksgiving for the so-called "Black Friday" like good little sheeple, just because the media tells them to do so, they wouldn't be so sick of it so fast. Granted, people with Christmas decorations up well into March have a problem, but there is a happy medium somewhere in there.


Makes sense to me

I grew up in an apt and we always saw lots of trees in the dumpsters a few days after Christmas. My family put it up the weekend before the Christmas and took it down New Year's Day. We had a small apt and it took up half the living room, so it was always nice to get that space back once the holiday was over.


Hey anon. time to get a life

Hey anon, have you nothing in your life better to do than to bitch constantly about the habits and ways of others? There seems to be something seriously wrong with you. Seek help or at least take a damn valium.. A good new year's resolution for you would be to mind your own business. Maybe you should take up knitting to occupy your way too abundant free time..