City about to install new 911 system that has caused problems in other cities

The Herald reports.



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    Nice try...

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    “We are able to get out of this deal anytime the city’s interests deem necessary,” said Dot Joyce, Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s spokeswoman. “However, we are confident in the work of our technology personnel.”

    Your technology personnel are completely irrelevant if your rather significant 3rd party solution is unstable.

    Begs the question doesn't it?

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    If the problem is the software, then yes, no amount of good local IT personnel is going to help. If however the glitches previously seen are due to poor local support...

    weasel words trying to shift blame already?

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    In most cases I've seen (as an IT contractor) non technical managers decide on a system based on sales pitches and price, then stick IT with the job of making it work, even if the system is total crap.

    Follow the money...

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    I agree with merlinmurph. Follow the money. Reminds me of the Charlestown plowing debacle during the past winter's blizzard. The longterm, well regarded plowing contractor dumped a week before the storm in favor of a major campaign donor who proved incompetent.

    what plagues the system

    By on that it's completely inflexible.

    If you can't provide an address, instead of the dispatcher being able to send it to a nearby stationhouse and have them figure out what "by the clam shack on the beach" means, they can't enter it at all, and someone drowns.

    This is the system that was to blame for a bunch of kids not getting any emergency response when they called for help in long island sound. The dispatcher couldn't enter their location because they had the UNMITIGATED NERVE to not have a street address. So they just shrugged their shoulders and let the kids die.

    Boston 911 operators already get really surly when you don't have an exact address. Because apparently it's not enough that EVERY GODDAMN PHONE MADE IN THE LAST TEN YEARS HAS ENHANCED 911 LOCATION SERVICES.