City brings in snow-removal equipment from Vermont as focus turns to impassible side streets

Mayor Menino says the city's heard growing cries from snowlocked residents of unplowed side streets: It's managed to find extra equipment to clear roads:

Our number one priority today is getting to the side streets. Residents have been very patient as we work to recover from the fifth largest snow storm to ever hit the City of Boston. We are doing everything we can to get additional pieces of equipment into residential areas, including coordinating with MEMA to get federal and state resources. As our crews work, I'm urging drivers to continue to stay off the roads.

The city says a Vermont convoy of front-end loaders and 10-wheel dump trucks is now working in the city. A local contractor, Mario Susi & Son, Inc., has provided 7 additional pieces of equipment, including backhoes, front end loaders and Bobcats, the city says, adding that MassDOT, Massport and the Boston Convention and Exposition Center have also lent equipment to the city.



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HIghland Park Avenue

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Please plow Highland Park Avenue in Roxbury. We need your help.

how does plowing work?

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On my residential street in Brighton during the beginning of the storm, the street was plowed about once every hour, even with little snow on the street. Then, suddenly, the plowing stopped. There is more than 12 inches of snow on the street now, but looks like mother nature will melt it before the city plows it.

Yes, Robinwood is unpassable

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You cannot get anything through Robinwood. This is especially true since our great neighbors at the Arbor hospital had their entrance plowed and left a 20ft snow mound in the middle of Robinwood.

Why is this worse than 2005?

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In 2005, our street was passable within 24 hours of the storm ending. This time, in spite of the 24 hour road closure, our street hasn't been plowed since early Saturday and has @ 4" of snow on it plus all the crap from people digging out their cars. Apparently some streets haven't even been plowed at all.

Does the city has fewer snow clearing resources compared to 2005?

Some of the high rent streets

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Some of the high rent streets in Ctown have been plowed. Almost all side streets havent. City had days to prepare for this storm. Its worse than 2003, at least the plows didnt stop then. What a travesty...department heads should roll...bring back Cazaza ....

Let's try something different

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and start REMOVING the snow, not just push it from intersection to intersection. When it comes to snow removal, NH and VT cities and towns are First Class!

Hyde Park?

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I am gonna go out on a limb here and say Menino's street is plowed. Meanwhile, here in the hood - Dorchester - we are stuck. EMS, firetrucks and police have been unable to get down out street. We all realize the plows are busy and the city is busy but come on! We get tickets if we don't have it shoveled in 3 hours after the storm, yet who knows when they will ever get here to plow! It's not right. We have yet to see ONE plow in the area. Not even one? Unacceptable.


I saw a (the?) convoy heading in on the Pike at about 8:45 am. They had a police escort. The entrance ramps were closed until it went by.