City-council staffer seeks to get elected to council

David Bernstein talks to Michael Nichols, one of the numerous candidates running to replace Mike Ross as district 8 councilor in the fall elections.




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Nice he has an ironic

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Nice he has an ironic connection to The OneIn3 cabal and Ross the Boss. Good to know a bunch of kids kissing up to politicians to further their political careers are going to get to dictate the policy of how all the other young non-politically connected working people in the city get to live. On top of working for a city councilor which outright hates and discriminates against college students.

Getting the kids to stay in Boston after treating them like unwanted dirt through their higher ed days. Good luck with that!

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Good interview, but

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Bernstein never asked about the one question the voters in the Boston-Cambridge area have for Boston City Council candidates-

When are they going to publish stenographic minutes for their meetings?

I got there first. Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!

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