City to dole out free cold water, ice cream this afternoon

The City Hall to Go Truck will be at 460 West Broadway in South Boston between 4 and 7 p.m., with workers handing out free bottles of cold water - and listening to you dispute your parking tickets and pay your excise and property taxes.

At 5, there's a free ice-cream party at the Mildred Avenue Community Center, 1 Mildred Ave. in Mattapan, featuring the Boston Police Department ice-cream truck stocked with lots of Hoodsie cups.

At 6, the truck toodles over to Gertrude Howes Park, 33 Fairland St., Roxbury, to hand out more Hoodsies to people taking free chess lessons under the park's shade trees.

All city spray areas are open until 8 p.m.



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That's not free either

Government bullshit is directly funded by tax dollars. I wouldn't mind if government diverted some of the BS funds to distributing Hoodsie Cups at places like TSA checkpoints or on disabled MBTA trains. Mixing that bullshit with a delicious refreshing Hoodsie cup might make it a bit easier to swallow.

You jest?

Those 'rich' folk can afford their own water and ice cream.

And what about Allston/Brighton? Never mind, those neighborhoods are completely ignored by the city. Go right next door to 'rich' Brookline and there's all kinds of social services. I guess you can sneak over the border as an illegal and pretend you're a citizen of Brookline.

And check out ALL the 'community' centers, health clinics, food pantries, etc., in 2 or 3 Boston neighborhoods, then see how many there are in say Hyde Park. Who says living in a 'poor' neighborhood doesn't have it's rewards.

Hyde Park?

You mean Hyde Park with the MDC pool? Hyde Park with the community center? Hyde Park with the brand-new library addition? Oh, and Hyde Park with the frickin' city-owned golf course?

Or is there some other Hyde Park I don't know about?

Seriously, you people need to up your game a bit and come up with a better example than the mayor's own neighborhood for an example of how all you poor well-off people are being ripped off by actual poor people.


No High school, No Police Station, No rapid transit a shit hole community center and one of the smallest library's in the city. Mmmm i wonder what Consavlo's been doing all those years....

How could i forget

No Youth programs, No Youth sports (Except Baseball but the couch was arrested)our parade sucks now (everyone has their own opinion why, No Ice Rink, No Gym, JP has over run the Arnold Arboretum, and No Tennis Courts. That all i could think of right now!

JP has overrun the Arborteum?

What the hell does that even mean? Are there angry 20somethings in skinny jeans and fedoras keeping you and your Rozzie-rat family from enjoying the Arbs?

Actually there are tennis courts in Roslindale. Granted, they're off Dale Street, which is like practically in Hyde Park or something, but yeah, I can see why you want to secede.

Oh, right

Because Roslindale dog owners are as responsible as JP dog owners aren't and always, always pick up after their pets and never, never let them run loose in the Arboretum.

Dale Street Courts are in Hyde Park

I only say that because when one goes up Dale Street, one passes the boundary stone, and the courts are on the "H" side of the stone. Of course, I might have the wrong orientation for the stone, but I'm fairly certain it's Hyde Park.

Still, I have to go all the way to Mattapan to get free ice cream?!

Speaking as a "Rozzie Rat"

(yes, I've heard the phrase)

I know someone who lives across the street from the courts. They call it Hyde Park. To be honest, I was amazed to see how North-South the boundary is in the area. Still, it's Hyde Park.

And yes, you can cross. Keep going down Sherrin Street to Austin. That'll take you about to Cleary Square.

Oh how I hope this turns into a boundary thread.

I bow to their definition

Always go with the locals, I say!

Yeah, Sherrin to Austin (or for that matter, Dale to Poplar) would work, but try getting to Hyde Park High School from there!

And yeah, boundary lines are great. That particular marker is my favorite.

Rozzie-Rat = Classism

That's uncalled for.

Let's face it; a handful off neighborhoods get the lion's share of goodies and services, mostly those closest to downtown and the 'inner' city. Some of these neighborhoods are so well known, they're almost like their own brand. Everyone else is semi-forgotten.


I admit it, I'm from away, so your ways frighten and confuse me. So what you're saying is that it's OK for people in Dorchester to call themselves Dot rats - and even tattoo the phrase on their backs - out of a sense of pride but that Roslindale residents who were actually born here are too refined for that?

In a city that doesn't have any neighborhood high schools, what difference does it make that Roslindale doesn't have one? At least the Back Bay and Beacon Hill have a legitimate gripe when it comes to elementary schools.

As for other city services, eh. It's not like we're surrounded by jagged mountain ranges that cut us off from the rest of the city (truth be told, where we are, it usually takes us less time to get to Cleary Square than Rozzie Square).

Stuff that really needs to be done locally is - our trash and recycling are picked up once a week, just like in the rest of the city - except those parts with rat infestations, where they get 2 or 3 pickups a week, but it's kind of nice living in a place where that's not an issue. You call 911 and somebody responds.

Hoodsie Cups

Obviously, I left off the middle S for savings! Or because I can't type to save my life, your choice.

You'd have to ask BPD about the schedule, but, no, it's not limited to just Mattapan or Roxbury.

You people?

Well off?

OK, if you say so. I'm average middle class, am not rich or well off, live in the city but because most inner city neighborhoods are now unafforable unless you really are 'well off', or are legally considered 'poor' and get housing subsidies. Then there's the issue of crime. I lived in HP for 8 years. Further away from downtown Boston than all of Brookline, Cambridge, Newton, etc., and with more low income/working class people and FAR fewer well off people. For that I had the privilege of no express bus service downtown, no rapid transit stops, commuter rail [but until very recently @ Fairmount] considered zone 1, meaning it cost MUCH MORE than a subway. I now live in W. Roxbury, and it aint much better, just a few more 'well off' people.

Where's the neighborhood health clinic[s] in HP? And I like 98% of people don't play golf. The library addition is 13 years old now. What we're left with is a community center. There's zero question Dorchester, Roxbury, South Boston, C-town, East Boston have more resources and goodies thrown at them.

I'm not the kind of person you may think I am, and am absolutely not a troll or shill for anybody, any ideology, any organization, etc.

My apologies

Didn't mean to lump you in with the sort of people who get bored at the Herald comment sections and come over here to bleat about Obama.

Yes, Hyde Park does have issues - look at the violence over by Wood Avenue. I didn't realize there wasn't a neighborhood health clinic. And you're right about the Fairmount line.

But it also has some strengths. It is solidly middle class. It doesn't have the drug problems of a South Boston or the violence of parts of Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan. Does it really need all the resources being thrown at those places?

There are poor people all

There are poor people all over the city. Ask any social service agency, there are people "at risk for hunger" (their term, not mine) all over Boston.

Instead of focusing on public housing tenants in the neighborhoods most likely to riot, the city's priority should be the elderly, the physically and mentally disabled, who are unable to make it outside to get the complimentary cold water and ice cream.

They were giving out free ice cream in Roslindale today

At the Flaherty Pool.

And you know who lives in Roslindale? Yes, white people! And poor people!

So O-Fishy can stop with his "jokes" about racial profiling. And other people can stop complaining about how unfairly the city treats poor Roslindale.

Oh, and the city was also giving out free bottles of water outside the BPL in Copley Square. Where rich people live!

Everybody wins!

So why didn't I link to those? Because I didn't see the city press release until those events had already started so I figured it didn't make any sense to mention them - and I obviously had no clue that UHub had become home to terminally cranky people who somehow would get so incredibly annoyed that the city was doing something nice like giving out little cups of ice cream (and, yes, to cranky people replying to all the other cranky people - raises hand).

City supplies free water, ice cream AND sunscreen in WRox

12-1 at Hynes Field, at a splash/dance party in the spray area, no less.

Once again, I got the memo from City Hall too late to do anything good with it, like post it (since the memo I got came at 11:45 from the mayor's press office, which was more in the mode of letting photographers know where they could get a good beat-the-heat photo than alerting the public).