City to Dorchester Chinese restaurant: Are you kidding, you want later hours?

City officials are opposing a request by a Blue Hill Avenue Chinese take-out place to extend its closing time from 1:30 a.m. to 2 a.m. weeknights and 2:30 a.m. on weekends.

If anything, Yong Hon, 772 Blue Hill Ave., should be scaling back its hours, representatives of the mayor's office and city councilors Charles Yancey and Steve Murphy told the Boston Licensing Board.

They said Blue Hill Avenue has a problem with people congregating there after the bars close and noted that even Simco now only stays open until 1 a.m.



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How dare people congregate in

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How dare people congregate in a city!

It reminds me of a Jane Jacobs anecdote about the North End. She went there in 1959 and found it delightful. She called a Boston city planner to find out how they had helped the neighborhood, and discovered that they hadn't. The planner said that he also liked the street life in the North End, but that it was ultimately a slum that needed to be demolished and rebuilt like the West End.

Looks like City Hall hasn't learned a damn thing.

There's nothing wrong with the idea of city planning, or the idea of helping neighborhoods to redevelop, become busier, more populated, nicer, etc., but man do we seem to be bad at it.


Drunk armed gang members

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Drunk armed gang members congregating, no big deal at all. Happens every day in you Weston backyard, right?


Or maybe they need to sober up a little before driving home

The city rather have them hit the road the instant bars close?

What if bars were open until 4 AM and people would leave at various times instead of all at once, so early? Imagine if a world class DJ came to Boston and didn't play only a 1-2 hour set because the club had to close?

Must not

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be from around here.

"Try getting a cab" between 11pm and 5am is more like it.

You're right, I don't live in

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You're right, I don't live in Cambridge. I live in Boston. And, I have gotten cabs in Central Sq. after 1am leaving T.T.'s and the Middle East... plenty of times. If you are unable to catch a cab in the big bad city, then perhaps you might want to schedule your night accordingly and leave before public transportation stops. If you want to stay out later then the T runs, then go out within walking distance of where you live. Can you handle that? That's what pretty much everyone I know who lives here does and we don't cry about it. Plan ahead: that's what adults do. Whining about it only makes you seem an ideal candidate for suburban living. Good luck to you!


Massve Flaws in Logic

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Wanting to use subway service and desiring readily available cabs are the hallmarks of suburban living? I didn't think so. Having grown up in New York City, and having lived here for 10 years, I think we have a ways to go to make our transportation system better.

For starters, we need to look at transportation as a regional issue. Your Boston vs Cambridge parochialism is part of the problem, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. Boston has a real problem with adopting innovation that comes from other cities....such as light bulbs that tell you when a cab is on- or off-duty.

Between appointing judges

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Between appointing judges which are soft on crime, reducing mandatory minimums, blocking police departments from sharing information with the feds, restricting surveillance by private citizens, curtailing the legal rights to self defense, and restricting the means be it non-lethal or lethal, I'd say yes.

Most officials/legislators are lawyers at heart. Defendants are big money and guaranteed employment for them or their friends!

Professional courtesy

Professional courtesy between muggers of different sorts! The police detective just demoted helped too - not bothering to follow up on the mugging despite having the attacker's wallet, hat, and a water bottle.

Meanwhile, State transportation officials are backing a beautification project on Mass Ave in Arlington, with, among other things, 40 x $4,000 "pedestrian scale" sidewalk lights where there are no murders, muggings, or rapes. Those lights could instead make dangerous places safer, at least until broken by criminals.


Well, this is a first

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I can't recall the last time anybody mentioned Mattapan and Arlington in the same breath.

In any case, you might want to take a trip down to Mattapan Square some evening - start by getting yourself to Milton and then head north on Blue Hill Avenue (or whatever they call it in Milton):

It's quite dramatic: Darkness all around you and then, in front of you, the incredibly bright lights of Mattapan Square. It's what I picture it's like being in North Korea and looking across that river to that Chinese city on the other side. Mattapan Square may have problems, but being dimly lit is not one of them.

Those fancy poles help stop

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Those fancy poles help stop distracted drivers from careening off the roadway into pedestrians on the sidewalk by providing a hefty crash barrier. The extra illumination also helps reduce automobile accidents by making it easier to see road conditions.



There is little problem with driving into sidewalks to fix. There is already overhead road lighting. "Pedestrian scale" lights are for ... wait ... pedestrians! Not drivers! They might somewhat help the countless cyclists breaking the law by not having headlights, however.


Just a wild thought . . .

Maybe if the next Mayor makes it easier for eating/drinking establishments to get a late-night license perhaps people won't "congregate" at the very few of them that do have them.

Kay's Oasis

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Maybe the city should be concerned about Kay's Oasis the club three blocks north of the police station on BHA that stays open until 2am every weekend and draws huge crowds to pack the very small space- ....some nights a well behaved jazz crowd and other nights a hardcore rap crowd shows up....and it's an after funeral party spot for some hardcore partying on various sundays. Really disrupts the immediate neighbors and takes up a ton of street parking.