City to re-label all of its memorial 'squares'

Mayor Menino's office today announced a plan to re-label all 1,285 of Boston's "Hero Squares" so you'll be able to learn more about the people whose names are posted on all those intersections. Plaques that currently list only the person's name will be supplemented with new signs offering some biographical background on the person and a link to additional information online.

The first square to get the new markers is at Mass. Ave. and Columbia Road in Dorchester, named today in honor of Sgt. Alberto D. Montrond:

Sgt. Montrond was killed in the line of duty on February 13, 2006 when a vehicle carrying him and three other soldiers was hit by a land mine north of Deh Rawod, Afghanistan. His family, District 7 City Councilor Tito Jackson, Commissioner of Veterans Services Francisco Urena, and other city officials attended the dedication.



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    Any word on how they plan

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    on removing Tom's name from the 1mm plus signs! Also this practice should be banned, i'm sure the next Mayor isn't going to hold the seat for 20 years.

    Mumbles established a bad practice by plastering his name all over the city, and i would assume the next Mayor elected will also feel entitled to do so.

    When did i say

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    it was. I was generally speaking about his name on every CITY sign. Read much bra?

    A very nice idea that can

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    A very nice idea that can certainly do without a politicians name being attached to said memorial.

    At least in my neighborhood

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    At least in my neighborhood (which happens to be Menino's neighborhood), no politician's name is on the hero square signs. See, for example, this street view, one block from the Menino residence:

    Like times 10

    Absolutely correct - no reason to mention who was at the g.d. dedication. If you're going to honor the person on the square, don't ruin it by getting all political.

    Let's go a step further

    The list of dignitaries who attended the dedication makes it clear this isn't about commemorating those who have made the ultimate sacrifice at all.

    Does the term "dignitaries" still apply if the people so named are completely lacking in dignity?

    OK, D.A.

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    That would be "Devil's Advocate".

    Might the addition of the names of those who attended the dedication add some luster? Perhaps surviving family members might take pride in saying that "so-and-so attended Johnny's dedication", if the attendee was a high muckety-muck?

    Personally, I would prefer no names other than the deceased/honored. But maybe the additional names hold value for some?


    Oh Good

    I've never been able to track my guy down. I'm extra curious because we share first names and middle initials.

    Crossed fingers

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    I hope they are smart enough to use a QR code for the online link.

    Also, I can't wait for QR graffiti that looks official but takes your phone to some NSFW website for the lulz.

    So... more Circles named as squares?

    Thank God, my sense of geometry was outraged...

    I like the village thing.

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    I like the village thing. Makes it easier to tell when someone is a hipster yuppie when they refer to Rozzie Square as Roslindale Village.

    They changed and /or placed new signs in the square

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    And at other corners and squares.

    The "village" signs aren't on the borders of Roslindale. They're in the Square.

    Same with Adam's corner in Dorchester. It was never called Adams village until designated so with signage and a PR campaign.

    Bring back the squares!!!


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    The MBTA and MBCR are hipsters?!

    I wish Brookline would do

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    I wish Brookline would do this. I've always been curious as to whom Washington Square is named after.

    "The first square to get the

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    "The first square to get the new markers is at Mass. Ave. and Columbia Road in Dorchester, named today in honor of Sgt. Alberto D. Montrond"

    Was he from that immediate neighborhood?

    I'm glad they're recognizing locals, and contemporary heroes, too. Why did they stick this dedication on an intersection that already has a memorial designation - one people sometimes actually use (Edward Everett Square)?

    Are there no other intersections in the area that aren't already named?

    Is it necessary or appropriate to give the appearance of supplanting yesterday's heroes?

    City does this

    The city has been renaming these memorial squares for years - one of the things my bitter neighbor is bitter about is the fact that the "square" in Brighton that had been dedicated to her brother was repurposed quite some years back and dedicated to a more recent deceased veteran instead.