Clover re-opens with free fries to long lines

Line at Clover.

Michael Etzel was among those queuing up outside Clover in Harvard Square today when it re-opened after several days of disinfecting due to that whole salmonella thing.



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    A few years ago...

    Not long after Clover opened their Harvard Square store, I saw a Clover employee boarding an inbound Red Line train there. He was in uniform bearing the Clover logo, and carried a five-gallon container with something sloshing around inside. I assumed that it was either a menu item or an ingredient that he was toting from their Harvard store to another one of their locations (or food trucks).

    Now that I think about it, I realize that such a method of transport is probably disapproved by municipal (and state) food inspectors. Such a cavalier attitude towards sanitary issues may, in fact, be why Clover got in trouble in the first place.

    By the way, the Clover employee on that Red Line train was also carrying a bag from Dunkin Donuts, which was his personal sustenance for that subway trip.


    does the mere act of transporting something on the T imply a lack of sanitation? I mean--it seems odd--given that they're a food truck business I find it unlikely that this is a regular occurrence but it seems to be jumping to conclusions to assume that there's a sanitation issue here. It could have been waste oil he was toting home to power his WVO-converted car or who knows? Let's not pile on.

    This is why I love Cambridge!

    The people of Cambridge happily queue up to buy food from a company that just made a couple dozen people sick and had various health violations buT OMG SMALL BIZNESS LOCAL FRESH ORGANIC FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Next thing you know, people will be donating to a business for cheating the IRS and not paying back taxes to the tune of a couple hundred grand, oh wait...