Dorcena Forry campaign declares victory in state-senate race

AP called the 1st Suffolk race for Collins early on, but as of 10:08 p.m., city results showed Dorcena Forry leading by a slim margin - and the Dorcena Forry camp was declaring victory. The Collins camp, however, was conceding nothing.

The Dorchester Reporter has more.



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When Collins concedes...

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...Did he give up his state rep seat or was he required to forgo running for re-election by running for state senate? What comes next?

No, this was a bonus election

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An out-of-sequence event caused by Jack Hart up and quitting. So he gets to stay a state rep, same as Steve Lynch would get to stay a congressman even if he pulls papers to run for mayor (hypothetically speaking, of course).

Maude Mango

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managed to do to Southie in one election what the realtors and developers have been trying for years.
Maude has tried selling used underwear on Broadway, starts a blog about Southie for the Yuppies, and now tries a run for State Senate.
One things for sure, she'll have a seat at the St Paddy's Breakfast head table.

She won't be at...

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the head table because she is going to plan it and run it for Linda. But, alas, it will be moving to the IBEW or Florian Hall in DORCHESTER!