Conley: If we can't have a casino, neither can Everett

Unlike other candidates for mayor, Dan Conley says he's neither for nor against a casino at Suffolk Downs. But he says he wants the entire city to vote on it, not just East Boston - because the ramifications of a casino go far beyond one neighborhood.

Conley said today that if the Suffolk Downs plan is voted down while he's mayor, he'd promptly sue to block another casino proposal in Everett:

Like the East Boston proposal, the Wynn proposal was voted on in just one community, while residents and businesses from Charlestown to Somerville and beyond will bear its traffic, economic, and social burdens but receive none of the proposed benefits. The burdens of a casino don't stop at the lines drawn on a map. Neither should we allow those artificial lines to define the limits of a public debate that is sorely needed.

His complete statement is attached.



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It will impact the whole

It will impact the whole city? Do you mean Revere, Winthrop, Chelsea and Saugus? It is hard to believe the impact of a casino on the Revere/E. Boston line will have much influence on the rest of Boston. After all it is separated by a tunnel, bridge, and whole body of water. Not sure I am buying that one Danny Boy!

Tough clams ! The city of

Tough clams ! The city of Boston didnt seem to care about the other cities and towns affected when they banned hazmat loads 6 am - 8 pm. And Everett is playing by the rules of engagement , while Suffering Downs was being postured up and down the alphabet.Its going to happen, too much money involved, stop obfuscating trying to squeeze all the juice out of the deal, and get it done. Just cope with it , and roll them dice.

It will impact the entire

It will impact the entire city and beyond,, The Casino will be a 24 hour " Entertainment complex"with 2AM Alcohol licenses, lets say your driving home 2 oclock in the morning with your family after a festive thanksgiving dinner at a relatives house in lets say Dedham, the family is driving along on 93 north trying to go to their home in Winchester and all of a sudden a car speeds behind them and hits the family car on 93 , resulting in fatalities and family and the public discovers its some drunk that crawled out of casino who causedthe crashd, what happens next, nothing, its too late, casino has been built and there is no turning back. I think anyone living in 25 mile radius of suffolk downs should have a say and vote.,


Why is Mayor Mennino so concerned about Charlestown and doesn't give a rat's arse about East Boston...Right on 1A...Are you kidding me. I hope it is voted down. A casino does not belong in a congested residential area with one road to Route 1...

Casino's are popular with the

Casino's are popular with the blue collar crowd, Saugus, Revere, Peabody Types!! With Limited or no education!! The gambling part of it is popular with blue collar types who like to gamble (play the numbers) (Scratch Tickets etc...) Massachussetts is somehow a liberal state with a liberal governor who is pushing for a casino, he thinks it will create jobs , If Michael Dukakis were governor he would laugh at the idea of a casino in mass, there are different routes to generate jobs for suffolk downs sight, bio industry, tech industry, manufacturing industry, a Hospital, a Government agency, A University, endless, casino will not solve the ongoing economic situation .

Who's leaving relatives at 2 AM?

Look, there's reasons to be against this, but the person who is getting drunk at Suffolk Downs could just as well be getting drunk at any bar or at a friend or relative's house all the same. If anything, your argument to me means that you support East Boston over Everett since the Winchester family would be in greater danger since Everett is closer to I93.

No, drunk driving might be an issue, but it is a red herring. Traffic, crime, negative effects on local businesses. These are the kind of issues that are local issues, so the vote should be local.

And don't be the kind of guest who stays at a relative's house way too long. It's kind of rude.

City-wide vote???

How come a casino affects the whole city but the racetrack, the destruction of an Olmstead designed park for airport expansion, and all the other East Boston "developments" did not. Why was it OK to close the courthouse and police station but it's now imperative that the whole city vote on the impact (Route 1 traffic in Revere?) of a casino on the city line in a neighborhood the rest of the city has ignored or treated like a redheaded step-child for generations. The song remains the same. When East Boston benefits it's a city-wide issue. When the rest of the city benefits East Boston takes one for the team (tolls, airport, cuts in city services, etc etc etc). If I lived there I would be looking for another city to become part of and take the airpot and casino revenues with me.